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Theory On Love

Not all emotions are Love. But yes Love is not made of only a single emotion, it changes each day, comprises different feelings, distinct emotions and it becomes hard to classify love as a singular complex produced as a result of liking someone, or some experience, or something uniquely quantifying as the wholesome one emotion i.e LOVE.

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Chapter 6

We don’t speak for a few moments and I see his eyes, his dark eyes, his eyes full of light and full of love, eyes that never loved anyone.

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Chapter 5

We spend a few moments together and the next I know, all of the gang goes crazy dancing around the bonfire. There was music, laughter, joviality, notoriousness, food, and love in the air! February is indeed the most lovable and amusing month of the year.

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Chapter 4

It was dusk, sun hues spread across the top, a very cool breeze fluttering my hair in the wind, I looked across the sky and the orange hues mixed with the evening sky just glowed in the embrace of the horizon to create a warm stretched canvas with the air so chilly to send shivers down the spine. I closed my eyes and felt the breeze on my face and the colors started getting dark and I can see orange hues turning brown-black and mixing into the zenith for falling night to await the shadowy clear sky full of stars