Onesha Rastogi, Founder of 1shablog.com is a hobbyist Writer.

She started 1shablog in the year 2016 when she wrote her first blog When I lost my virginity which was a big hit.

She is fond of writing Stories about Love, Romance, Thriller, Erotica, Religion, and anything that stimulates her. Her blogs are short and crisp. She also loves to write Hindi poetry and stories.

Her way of writing is inspired by many romantic writers and with the fun, she has with words to have a twisted ending to an original plotline.

She is a fictional writer and pours her heart into the imagination and writing.

She loves to keep her content completely Original. Right from the stories to designing her Logos, Blog Images, Covers. She is fond of Designing as you go through her content you can find some of the pictures are original as well.

She is based out of Meerut City, India, and would love to know your views and suggestions if any. You can reach her out via

GMAIL: [email protected]

INSTAGRAM: 1sha.blogger

TWITTER: https://twitter.com/1shaRastogi

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/1sha.blogger

Happy Reading!