Coffee & Cupcakes

Why is everything so hard after you left? Why after so many years I feel that maybe sticking with you was not a bad idea, why did I leave or why did you leave? Why did we part ways?

Back then I justified the reasons to not be with you, why it is not suitable for both of us. Sipping coffee here in this cafe makes me want to see you again, Can I?

I wish when we miss someone, we can see them again, spend some time together, and then go back to the way we were, but alas only in memories, present always is just wanting, and maybe it’s easy for me to get back to how things were, but what about them?

I am selfish, I looked up your number if it is still saved on my phone, but I can’t find it, Maybe I deleted it, or maybe I saved it with some other nickname, that I can’t remember anymore,

I have been lonely, after wandering about in the world and I haven’t found anyone who could beat you, I didn’t think I loved you, nor did you, but we were very comfortable together, but not too comfortable to live alone till I see your grey hair.

I think you were just a phase of my life, I look around me, the beautiful colors, I am in flashback when we came here.

It was a rainy day, I was getting ready and changed my clothes for the nth time to look perfect, oh this rain, unmanageable hair. I look at my phone ringing,

Ughhh!! I unplug it from charging and see your name, I pick up

“Megha it’s raining outside, don’t wear jeans, or you will end up spoiling your….” I look at myself from bottom to up.

“Rohan, I thought you are calling to cancel the outing,” I say rolling my eyes

“Yes sure, why not, if you want we can call it a day” Rohan’s voice stumble

“Ok then bye.” I disconnect the phone and I lay down on my bed fidgeting with my phone.

My hand goes to the pendant on my neck, it has my initials M, I am still wondering whether to go out or not, we have been planning to go for weeks, It was a much-awaited visit.

I open my WhatsApp, and I am looking at statuses, one after the other

I get a ping from my best friend Sooji, or well I would not want to disclose her real name, she asks me,

No photograph? What are you wearing on this date?

Oh it’s not a date I reply casually

Oh yes, it is.

I am not going

Why not

You would have gone, if it wasn’t a date

I ignore the further texts from her and I call Rohan.

“Hi Megha,”

-Rohan lets go, I am coming,

“Okay, c u @2pm”

– okay

and just like that, I changed into a dress, picked up the umbrella, to visit the much-awaited cafe we have planning to go to for weeks,

I am early and I wait for Rohan, I get a cute little corner where there is a beautiful view from the window, sparkling greenery all around, a clear blue sky with beaming sunlight across and white clouds, and Little flowers hanging over the tiny pots from the window.

I look around and this place is so cozy and heartwarming vibes just steal my heart and I feel so happy here, and just when I look up, I see Rohan coming towards me, He is all dressed for the season with his blue shirt and navy jeans, his glasses, he looked just like the perfect person, I would have dated back then, we had amazing chemistry, but both of us didn’t, I don’t know why?

We sat down, and I am smiling and laughed, while we order a lot from the menu, I can only remember coffee and cupcakes, the aroma, the sweetness had unfiltered conversations, and ate my heart out, without a care in this world, his smile was the best one I ever saw, and I his clear black eyes, maybe I was in love but I didn’t know.

The warm music inside is making the evening lovelier and as the sun is about to set the captivating hues and tints of rainbow colors are spread across the sky, people are coming in and going, chit-chatter grows and we leave the cafe to take a stroll in the garden, I see the shimmering lights and the light colored atmosphere blue sky, I see people so happy around me, I walk with Rohan, and it seems like our talks are neverending, our laughter, giggles and delightful evening, I wish it to never end, and I want to do so much, but at that instant that was enough.

I am taken aback by the flashback when I am greeted by the server who brings my feast. I look at the meal, and I smile, nothing has changed in these years. The coffee and my cupcake, I miss Rohan, and maybe if we meet again, we can spend some time just like the old days when I didn’t know what we thought about each other, just be together and have some coffee, conversations, and gleaming eyes.

Author: Onesha

She is the funny one! Has flair for drama, loves to write when happy! You might hate her first story, but maybe you’ll like the next. She is the master of words, but believes actions speak louder than words. 1sha Rastogi, founder of

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