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Coffee & Cupcakes

The warm music inside is making the evening lovelier and as the sun is about to set the captivating hues and tints of rainbow colors are spread across the sky, people are coming in and going, chit-chatter grows and we leave the cafe to take a stroll in the garden, I see the shimmering lights and the light colored atmosphere blue sky, I see people so happy around me, I walk with Rohan, and it seems like our talks are neverending, our laughter, giggles and delightful evening, I wish it to never end, and I want to do so much, but at that instant that was enough.

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Coffee Date 5

I looked behind and near him looking for his love interest. But no one was around So I assumed that…

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Coffee Date 3

Everything apart it was Siddharth on my mind. I wondered why was I so eager to talk to him? What was so special about him? Why do I even care? It has been two years and a half and I am dying like a teenage girl to talk, to giggle and want him to ask for that incomplete coffee and what not? What was up?