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Dream Catcher

A love letter after a very long time. Celebrating the month I found you.

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365 Days

Promise of love and togetherness, to share our lives until the last breath, to remember your fragrance for lifetimes ahead, always and forever. I love you.

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Just a reminder, I love you so much.

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Second Innings

A month before your special day, there is something I need to say.

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Sometimes, there is never the right time, its better to be late than never.

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You are my wish of a shooting star, I would wish for you every time it scars the sky, until the light of me merges into you, making me yours forever and ever and ever.

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The insignia of love, the love of the night, when you love someone with all your might, the universe conspires to make that happen.

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Lost Love

Sometimes, the first person that comes to my mind, every time I am happy is you and I wonder all these years later, how my heart never made room for anyone else.

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to iNFiNiTY and beyond, my love for you grows, fonder, stronger and more each day.

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I am falling short of ways to tell you every single day, you are my favourite person, I am so fond of you and I love you so dearly.