Car horn buzz and I listen to your pleasant voice, you are excited about something. I am lost inside your voice thinking about how things are way better than I imagined, how what I always wanted is coming true, how my love for you has grown manifold and whatever I thought about is becoming my reality.

I wander into the days gone by and how I felt empty, lifeless, and incomplete. I look back at myself years down the lane and I find myself, thinking about the possibilities of you. I look inside the hopeless romantic inside of me thinking of you, and I read the thoughts, going on …

Sometimes all I want is you, with me, and I find myself standing in the middle of the road, looking for a way to walk, forward or backward. Things look bleak, and I look at the sky, waiting for the halo, silver lining in the clouds, the sunset hues, a glimpse of the rainbow, a shooting star, or a sign from the universe, that I will find you soon.

These paths are so lonely without you, I have been waiting for you and it feels like an eternity. How I have searched for you in every person that I crossed my ways with, with everyone that walked along but couldn’t find you.

I always thought that whenever I would find you, things will be magical and it would be the most beautiful moment for me, a remarkable one, and this longing for you without knowing you would glitter through the sparkle in days, into my nights and how do I tell you, how much I have wanted you and missed you even before you came along.

I always wanted what others had, thinking, I may never have it all, maybe I was not meant for this all. I had lost hope and I had moved on with my life, thinking, whatever may be ahead, might be beautiful, but not just the way I wanted it to be.

Years passed by and I patiently waited until the day I met you, the day I saw you, you were there, no fireworks, no magic, no songs, no dreamy signs, and all my hopes came shattering down. I was standing in front of you, you in front of my eyes, the wait of my entire lifetime, just like that, inside the car, looking at you through the water droplets on the window.

You ask me a question while you drive and I come back to the present moment, I walk outside and I answer, looking at the beautiful night sky above. I see the stars, the heavenly celestial bodies, shimmering in the view, moonlit and bright. I listen to your voice, and all I want to do is to hold you close in my arms, spend moments with you doing things, hold your hands, look at your gorgeous smile, your lovely smile, kiss your soft cheeks, your irresistible lips. You are miles away and all I want is to be near you, in your embrace. It’s been days since we last met.

Each day I wake up and all I want is to come running to get you, to see you in front of my eyes, be near you and never let you go. I am talking to you and as I look above I see something moving. A big giant light ball, with the silver-blue starlight. I think it’s an airplane, but the light isn’t blinking, I tell you excitedly about this peculiar thing above my head.

You listen to me, and I think you won’t believe me, and my voice drops a little. I listen to you parking your car and closing the gate and you speak, “I see it too, its moving, heading towards in the east direction.”

Wait what, it’s like a star, it’s a planet, it’s not an airplane, how can you see it too? How are we both seeing the same thing from miles away? It’s a comet, I am excited and my eyes lit up, I am enthralled, is it a shooting star? It’s real Oh my God!

I beam at the magic, you say you don’t know what is it but you ask me to wish and pray for whatever I want dearly, and at that very moment it was you, it has always been you, from the life beyond, in this life and in the days ahead. I wish for you, smiling ear to ear, with my heart and soul, in this lifetime and beyond, to love you like this, to find you always, to have you by my side, in all of the moments I live on this earth. My heart is filled with love and gratitude for you.

I see the magical celestial thing blasting off and dissipating the light in a few seconds of visibility and the light diminishes.

“It’s gone, “ you say watching it, I wonder if you wished for something? How each day passes by and I witness magic with you. I am so in love with you and at that moment it feels like we were destined to be together. I really love you and all I want is to keep living such beautiful moments with you.

And while you excitedly tell me about your day, I smile at having finally found you. Until the star wish comes true, I miss you so much, I love you much and I can’t wait to live my life with you.

Author: Onesha

She is the funny one! Has flair for drama, loves to write when happy! You might hate her first story, but maybe you’ll like the next. She is the master of words, but believes actions speak louder than words. 1sha Rastogi, founder of

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