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Realization, what are we doing in our lives, are we on the right path, what if years down the line, we realize, we should not have done that?

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The Middle

What if we could rewrite a few things in our life, what would you like to do then? Would you ask out the person you liked?

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I look at your eyes lost in your phone, moving from one edge of your iPhone to the other. You read something and type. You are wearing a smartwatch. You look at it and you keep your phone upside down on the table and Damn! You look at me and I look at you. Your eyes are peculiar, I try comprehending the color of your iris, it’s not too dark, it’s not too light, they look like honey.

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Its been a month, A month of us! A month of our splendid moments. The day I felt that OMG,…

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Guide on How to write Romantic Blogs

Am I in love? Have I ever been in love? Are my blogs, my fantasies that I wish to happen and all sorts of crazy questions. How can a person be romantic and never have experienced this magic once!

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Theory On Love

Not all emotions are Love. But yes Love is not made of only a single emotion, it changes each day, comprises different feelings, distinct emotions and it becomes hard to classify love as a singular complex produced as a result of liking someone, or some experience, or something uniquely quantifying as the wholesome one emotion i.e LOVE.

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Theory On Colorful Sky

There have been unusual colours in the sky lately during sunrise and sunset, and most of us noticed this for…