Guide on How to write Romantic Blogs

Am I in love? Have I ever been in love? Are my blogs, my fantasies that I wish to happen and all sorts of crazy questions. How can a person be romantic and never have experienced this magic once!

Well let me share my guide of writing whatever you feel and imagine is just the magic of words and feelings that they create. Such is the power of these beautiful words. They can make you feel whatever you want to feel and make you imagine whatever you want to imagine.

A normal day or A day described as a day beginning with a sunrise with sun spreading its sunshine through the blue sky greeting with the warmth and ending on a dusky note making its way for the stars. It is the same!

There is magic in words, tone in the sentences purposely written to make you feel the certain way and it has nothing to do with the way how I feel, or is there any Love in my life!


There are a few elements that define the idea of romance to people. Let me create a checklist.

  • Flowers – Roses, Carnations, Gerberas
  • Colours – Hot pink, Red, White, Cream, Mustard, Orange, Blue
  • Hair – Black, Brown, Golden, Highlights
  • Apparel– Black, Red, Brown (Dark Shades)
  • Cloth material – Satin, Velvet, Lacy, Leather
  • Snow – Snow dust, Snow fall
  • Weather – Rain, Winter, Autumn, Fall
  • Sunsets
  • Stars – Blue and White
  • Moon – Full and Crescent
  • Desserts – Cheesecakes, Doughnuts, Pastries, Chocolates, Waffles, Icecreams
  • Drinks – Wine, Coffee, Hot Chocolate
  • Time – Morning, Evening, Night, Midnight, Dawn, Dusk
  • Vehicle – Motor(Two wheelers all), Cars with sunroof
  • Electronics – Apple all products!
  • Cutlery – Glass, Steel, China
  • Emotions – Love, Happiness, Nervous, Infatuation, Confusion, Magic, Sensuality, Loneliness, Fear, Sexual Tension, Adventure, Secrets, Lying, Hiding. Any emotion to spike up the adrenaline.
  • Fragrance – Jasmine, Rose, Citrus
  • Nature– Trees, Sky, Sea, Beaches, Mountains, Lakes, Island, Wind
  • Music – Lyrics and Beats (Soft, Pop, Indie Pop, Dance)
  • Activities – Dance, Long Drives, Shopping, Workout (Jogging, Running, Yoga), Photography, Painting, Writing, Singing, Hiking, Travelling, Calling. Chatting, Texting, Listening to Music, cooking.
  • Places – Parks, Office, Café, Subway, Mode of Public Transport (Bus, Metro, Aeroplane)
  • Physical Actions/Emotions – Kissing, Hugging, Cuddling, Gazing, Staring, Smiling, Laughing, Caressing, Bathing, Swimming, Playing, Dancing, Holding, Lifting, Blinking, Caring, Saving, Missing, Waiting, Breathing, Thinking, Dreaming, Flirting, Crying.
  • Instruments – Piano, Guitar


So start with these, make a concoction of the few elements and create a scene. You can go as imaginative you want or as real as you want. Just like a film stage is built, set up a few things in advance to be able to help you drive through the story.

  • Main area of action (Place- Interior(Lobby, Hut, Café), Exterior(Nature))
  • Genre (Soft, Finer, Intense)
  • Age of the crowd in your story/blog/script
  • Age of the story (Past, Present, Future)
  • Emotions to be portrayed
  • Characters Nature and their thought process
  • Season and Chronology
  • Main idea (Romance/Thriller/Action)
  • Narrative (Monologue, Dialogue, Third Person)


Think of some good names. Decide on number of people to be involved. Decide your characters appearance, whom they will be interacting with Boy- Girl, Girl -Girl, Boy -Girl -Boy and allow all sets of Permutation and combinations that you may need to communicate in your story. Name the characters, describe their emotions, describe their emotions, go heavy on emotions, feel those emotions.


There are two different things

  1. To be in Love
  2. To be in love with the feeling of Love.

Apply the latter. Feel how your characters are feeling, feel their emotions and imagine the scenarios happening to you, feel and write those down. Create every detail, your feelings, express them vividly, detailing attracts. Do not be afraid of being repetitive if it allows you to communicate your ideas better. Do not fall in emotions, be in love with the emotions, so that you can create a better visual.

Reread, Proofread and Arrange the emotions in place.

Now you after you have felt how your characters are feeling, curb the unnecessary details, keep the major feelings that you think would describe the scenes aptly. It will seem impossible at first but it will get better.


Try to create the physical connect between your characters, create the aroused state of mind, create and enact an activity that makes them want to be close or are close. Sometimes making your characters connect need not be in the picture to denote sensuality, it is very important to know the difference between sensuality, sexual tension or also known as sexuality and the actual Love making or the physical connect.


Now these words mean one and the same thing, but all of them makes a big difference when you write a story or create a scene.

Sensuality – Creating the longing, attraction, the need of each other!

Sexuality – Creating the shot with smiling, eye contact, observing each other in a public place or with other people. Show interaction of the characters with each other that is subtle and not so obvious.

Love Making – Creating the actual interaction between the characters, start faded, make little things counts, start with a small gesture, weave the other body parts into the scene, start with face, eyes, lips, nose, neck move on to hands, legs. For more intense scenes create more engagement with the secondary sexual body parts and do not forget to use adjectives to describe the way the body moves engaging emotions. Now this can be pretty uncanny, but if you want to write about a dance scene as well, steps would be the same.

There are so many points that I forgot to mention and will keep writing more in my forthcoming blogs for compilation. Many of the readers also won’t agree to whatever checklist and details I have created. Feel free to comment whatever I might have missed or anything that you don’t agree to.

Writing Romance is an Art, which is incomplete if not felt in the heart.

Author: Onesha

She is the funny one! Has flair for drama, loves to write when happy! You might hate her first story, but maybe you’ll like the next. She is the master of words, but believes actions speak louder than words. 1sha Rastogi, founder of

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