The best thing about the best days is, you don’t realize that you are living them until they become a memory. You wish to go back, look at those times and you feel, how insane we were to not love those golden moments with the joy that you now relish looking back at them, you wish to do things differently and then it hits you, time is already gone and you are now older, growing close towards the end and everything is slipping out of your hands, nothing can really be sadder than this, the moments, the time and these little experiences never comes back.

It never ceases to amaze me why then this human race is always trapped in the conflict of this or that, why are they troubled with the problems that won’t even matter months later, why are they anxious about doing the right thing, what if and all the rhetoric questions. One thing I have come to realize is we do not regret doing things but regret not doing them. So why not take a chance and live the moment, we must regret doing the wrong thing for once rather than being always the right and doing nothing at all. What if shall be trapped in the box and we should be able to live, love, and laugh with the possibilities of the golden best days that might happen if we do certain things that we choose not to.

No one is perfect, we all make mistakes, we all are beginners, and through that way, we learn. I know so many people, who wanted to start afresh, having learned their lesson late in life that time never returns and in the chronology of events that we recall as flashbacks, we yearn to live our life again, to the fullest, we should do things that scare us, we should take risks, life is a challenge and we should take challenges daily, life is too short to take calculative decisions, we always are suckers for interesting stories, aren’t we and have you ever noticed all the interesting stories were never planned, were out of the blue, or were unexpected and were just churned out in the heat of the moment, Live in the moment, make your life interesting, life is short live each moment of it, cause when you look back, you will be proud of yourself, you are a big deal and what hell of the things you have achieved.

We all make a todo list, a goal plan, we will do this, we will do that, everyone has something interesting they wanted to do, I wanted to lose weight once, wanted to get a higher paying job, wanted to meet the love of my life, had some awesome trips with my friends, wanted to take care of my parents, and now everything is in order, I am on the lookout for the next big thing that I wanted to do, and now I am completely clueless, where do I start? What will I have to accomplish? We never understand the fact that time is one precious thing, we should not waste a single second of it, until we realize how old have we become, how many years we tried doing something but we weren’t that passionate about it, we did not invest our potential doing it and later on, we think about what if we had done that, would things be different now would the world had another glimpse of us?

We forget to sort out our lives, our priorities, thing that really matter to us, what are they, and while I agree, they keep changing according to the circumstances you are facing, we must always take out time, to prioritize our selves, our dreams, our goals, things that we should be doing instead of what we chose to do, sometimes in our lives we end up in a juggle of various things that we cannot leave, and it is never forced upon us, but by choice, we never have to bear the burden of our choices, it is okay if you came for something else and now you want something completely different, you can always choose whatever you want, I know how many of us feel tied down by the decisions we take, the choices we make, but we forget that the power is still in our hands, we can always take the lead, no one can hold us back in doing something other than us.

There is a very popular saying that we need to pay a price for our dreams, if we want to do something big, we definitely need to curb something that we hold dear. We all have heard of the saying, we have to pay a huge cost to get something we really love, and while we do get what we love, we have already lost one or two things or people, forever. We cannot always take decisions on the cost of humans, they say, not the murder and run kind of a cost, but the cost where you have to leave them and pursue whatever you love, if they love you enough they would understand, but it would impact them, and having their own life would somehow impact you as well until things becomes complicated.

So where is an exit, where is the happiness in all that we know, isn’t life supposed to be easier with all the front equally managed and balanced, can we not make up for everything once we have done what we wanted? The thing is, life waits for no one, on your deathbed, it’s you who you think about, not the people who were linked with you, all that matters is you, so the question arises, why can’t we be selfish then, why can’t we be involved in our own self, growing and feeding our mind selfishly, doing whatever we can, to be wherever we want, go all in and be selfish since it’s us that matters, isn’t it?

It’s never late in life to start fresh, or maybe do something you really loved. So this time maybe take out time for yourself, think selfishly about what is good for your own damn selves, what shall you do to live your best days, what is it that you wanted to do on your own, what do you have in mind, what if you were not tied down by these responsibilities, of your choices, of the circumstances, of anything that bothers, think without limitations, who you are? Who you wanted to be, where does your happiness lies, and once you figure it all out, you don’t have to stay stuck, it might not be one single thing that is making you happy, there might be multiple, Go on, explore, experiment, learn and then try again, who knows you would be the next living legend on the face of this earth. Good Luck, I hope you find your way as you are destined to be.

Author: Onesha

She is the funny one! Has flair for drama, loves to write when happy! You might hate her first story, but maybe you’ll like the next. She is the master of words, but believes actions speak louder than words. 1sha Rastogi, founder of

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