A Walk To Remember

I look at you, you have your Sunday face on, easy peasy relaxing on the sofa, with your head over its armrest. You look so adorable, I just want to snuggle up in your arms and stick my face with your cutesy cheeks, and pull them, stroke your nose, run my hands through your hair, and I am just staring at you, there is a lazy panda over your t-shirt, oh you are looking like the delightful Panda, even more, gorgeous than the panda itself. Roly-poly, big and soft lying in front of me. I am looking at you with my heart eyes, We sit 12 feet apart but I don’t want to be that far, so I snuck up close, very close to you. You are so innocent. I am just diving in your glory, you look lovable, I have seen you after so many weeks, after our first fight, is it ironic that I feel more closer to you ever since this happened?

I am still unclear, was it a fight, well it was awfully painful, not listening to your voice, being so miserable when all in this entire world I want you and only you, but I have never experienced tremendous love after it ended. LIke something changed, I realized you were so much necessary for me, all my happiness is now dependent on you, how my days go, it is so connected to you now, I am cheering as long as I talk to you, and dull the very next moment, and each person I talk to, I wish it were you, wherever I go I search for you, I miss you so damn much, I just wish every person is you, everything I do is with you.

I never wish to get annoyed with you, you love me like no one does, all of this is such a dream, I can’t resist the urge to be in your arms, and never leave you, I am looking at you with all the extra love in my heart, while you lay down on the sofa, wishing I can be over you, with you, beside you, all comfy, and my head trail breaks when you are saying something and I look at your lips, your gorgeous face. Please stay here and never go.

I wish every day to be a youday so that I can see more of you, spend more time with you, and may the time stretches above and beyond, I wish to live years in these little hours together. I never felt that time wasn’t enough until I started spending it with you. Each second, each moment is precious. I never valued time that much, until I came to realize I have so limited time with you, how will one lifetime be enough?

You take me out for the ride, and I drive, having learned from you, you are such an amazing instructor, I wish to learn about everything in this world from your sweet mouth, and I would be the best student ever. Lost in you, always this lovestruck.

We drive our way out, and all I can talk and think about is how clingy I want to be with you, never going distance apart, having kids together, dreaming about the future with you and I can’t stop imagining. I drive and I am pretty sure, I am learning well, and just then you teach me some more.

We make a somersault on the unbuilt roads, the infinity loop, you take the gear and you are pro driving into this thing, making it hilarious, and I can’t stop laughing like crazy, with you there is never a boring moment, you make an ordinary thing look so funny. I am beaming and for a moment you look at me. Are you looking at me because I look stupid when I laugh,, or are you looking at me because you are also awestruck, how do things always seem magical and not to mention, this exciting? I am fluttering inside the car, and for one second, I just imagine falling everywhere but on you. You stir the car, and fun seems to never end. I am on another extreme of joy which is induced by you.

We move forward and we are in search of the next spot we are going to make memories on. We are lost in the way and the navigation doesn’t work, I just wait for the network to resume and you, being the contemporary person, pull down the windows and ask the villager on the way, waiting on his auto ride for the riders, the directions to our next spot, and I relive the old days again, when the technology was not so obvious and the only way to find someplace was to ask someone, I am taken back to my old lost trip memories and now this joy is tripled, I somehow get to live all phases of my life with you, how can your single gesture make my world lit up, I never thought I would say this, but you light up my world like nobody else. The kid in me is back.

We take the roads and we reach, the peculiar 8 layered place, full of the beautiful garden alongside, creamy peach in color, making me want to go over the top and look at the world down below. I look around and the weird word description about the building makes us chuckle. We look at the structure encircled pyramid. The weather is cool and the windy breeze is flowing.

I insist to keep walking with you and you agree, I look at your sweet face, walking together with you in such happy weather, just like a spell from the air around, and don’t know why this is not one of the usual evenings, the clouds are pretty and the atmosphere feels like a pre-shower snowy essence nearby, I am walking and you pull me close to you, I am surprised by this touch of you saving me, I am just breathless with this microsecond of the touch, and I walk pretending, oh boy, like it was nothing, covering my little heartbeat rush with some random fruit naming, you tell me the town name of it, I don’t even remember what it was, I was lost in my arm, which you just held.

We are walking around when I see a small hill, which apparently is not a hill, and we keep walking, talking about everything, that I find fascinating with you. We look at the big historical structures around, they are giant skyscrapers for worship, I wish how would one feel, on top of it, and we make our way to be there, the evening is here and we have lost our time. I am a tiny bit sad and just then we see a couple, woman in red, you tease me about it, and I laugh, teasing you back, we are having fun and I keep looking at you doing all the childish thing with me, all of them taking my heart away.

I look at you eating your ice monster with your mouth, sipping it away, I look at you, always a messy eater, enjoying your little dish, all over your mouth and chin, making your beautiful lips, so pink. I look at you and you offer it to me while you play with the monkey as if they are your pets. What a wonderful sight, you make them run away and you are enjoying doing little, nothing like things here. You find solace in the smallest of these things, I wonder who would be as warm, comfortable, and lively as you are. I am so glad you exist and you are mine.

We walk forward, to a park island nearby. There is an old man, looking at us, I wonder does he find us in love, or it’s just between you and me, in our hearts? I am free-spirited with you and I see you throwing trash in the dustbin, oh finally you become a responsible citizen who does not litter, I am impressed and I grin at you for being so decent now.

We enter the park island and we are amazed and astonished, what is this place? The hidden gem, it’s a pretty sight, with the eccentric giant structures and well-maintained gardens in all of it, a very colorful area, full of people, we walk inside, looking at everything, different from our usual culture, having found something really worth doing this evening. This is full of trees, roses, beautiful flowers, monkeys and the soft chilled wind is flowing, along with the broad dimensions of the land, full of green vegetation, with the sun around the corner, going down.

I am feeling so peaceful with you as if I have never been happier, you talk to me about life, how things are, and I love to listen to you while you talk, about things. We are walking looking at the outlandish big architectural dome, laughing at the weird names and descriptions, seeming from another language. We walk inside the huge piece of monument sitting beneath it, talking about what inner peace is, how do you know what is it and I am clueless as you. With you here I feel so peaceful, my mind is calm with me. Is love a peaceful feeling? Does it counts?

I look at you and keep looking without any thought in my mind, at your gorgeous face, these eyes, your little dimple shows up, you are smiling and just being with you makes me want to stop thinking, and just live and breathe at the moment. For me, this feeling is the true inner peace that you bring to my mind, heart, and soul.

We are feeling the air and I look at the spot where we were both standing, for a few moments looking at the large stretch of land, and you were tying your shoelaces, reminding me of the very first time when we met where you stopped for tying them, being the most gentle and kindest person ever. I remember the new york feels I had that night. I turn around and the sun in the sky is about to set. I am looking at you, wishing to capture you forever in my eyes.

While I see your face changing, you are no longer having fun, you are changed, something else all over, what is it? I look at it and you are induced with peace, this is what peace does, I see your face, so calm and in true sync with your mind for the very first time, you are not pretending, you are original, real and I somehow get to see this face quite less.

We walk inside the colossal cemented hallway in development. A huge mansion, talking about the luxurious dreams, to be our next home, and I giggle at all the movie house giants I had ever seen, we walk inside, we find some huge statues placed with the white marble work in progress. You touch it and somehow, I crack up and I don’t have enough of it until you show me trees, that are not normal ones and I am having fun with you, you make having fun look so easy, which until now was unknown territory for me. I was not a merry person and I really love this version which I have become when I am with you.

You show me the monkeys, and they are playing, you love animals and I am amazed how well do you know about them, their instincts, your micro observations tells me more about you than you yourself do, the data collective eyes, not missing any detail from around, I wonder, what do I miss nowadays, being lost in you. I smile at your gestures at the sweet little monkeys.

I am scared and you immediately respond, to which I deny, your eye not leaving a single detail. We walk out of the island, looking at the same infinity loop being done by a tractor rider, which we did earlier, talking about life, things, and we are happy. I don’t know how or why, I am getting strings attached with you, and you tell me about the gift you bought me from the last trip, I pat you on your shoulder for your overture. How thoughtful, how caring, and how loving. I wonder, can anyone do more than this? We are about to end this beautiful evening walk and your hand keeps brushes against mine. I dismiss it, not wanting to have another heart rush, by your touch, holding your hand.

We are back on the ride and I do not wish to leave, but every time I do, I see these beautiful views with you, I have seen some of the most beautiful sunsets with you as it turns dark and the sky turns pink, the gorgeous hues and tones grace the west sky beautifully. I look at the amazing colors in awe. How do you make things special just by your presence?

We are enjoying the music the sensual ones, making me insanely thirsty for you, the romantic ones making you cry, and the funny ones and while we are at it, I really love how both relate and talk about everything on this earth, and you listen and respond so patiently. You never take any single thought or thing in disregard, no matter how silly, and still manage to be humorous. You take away my heart every time you say something, do something, or even when you don’t. I don’t know what my human eye and this heart miss when it’s with you but there is a lot to know and see. I wish I can get better or nearly half as perfect as you are. We are riding back after this wonderful day spent together wishing for the time to never end.

But it always does, so until I have you till the time stops, where nothing ends I will be waiting to tell you that I love you and that goodbyes are the hardest and will always be. I am waiting for you, eagerly. I miss you so much. I love you so much.

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Author: Onesha

She is the funny one! Has flair for drama, loves to write when happy! You might hate her first story, but maybe you’ll like the next. She is the master of words, but believes actions speak louder than words. 1sha Rastogi, founder of 1shablog.com.

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