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दर्द | Dard

A poetry of pain, what a heart goes through, but cannot share with anyone.

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I look at your eyes lost in your phone, moving from one edge of your iPhone to the other. You read something and type. You are wearing a smartwatch. You look at it and you keep your phone upside down on the table and Damn! You look at me and I look at you. Your eyes are peculiar, I try comprehending the color of your iris, it’s not too dark, it’s not too light, they look like honey.

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लगाव | Lagaav

Read a small Poetry from the world of 1sha 2013.
When one heart wants more, but other does not understands!

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Khwab khuli ankhon ka | ख़्वाब खुली आँखों का

Read a Hindi poem on my blog from the world of 1sha 2015.
On the request of international readership, who can’t read Hindi, but understand it, I am presenting two different parts of the poem for them.
Thanks to all the lovely readers out there. Happy Reading!

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I pick up my phone, I see a text from you. I smile at your message. I feel dizzy so I put the phone away and I go out of my workstation for a walk, thinking about you, your beautiful eyes.

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आज सुबह से हल्की हल्की फुहारें पड़ रही थी।बारिश के मौसम में चाय और पकौड़ी का आनंद ही अलग होता है।

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My glasses block the clear view of you and all I can see is the formulas and the tutor explaining something. If only I knew this was the beginning of a catastrophe. Had I been more careful! Had I known the consequences?

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Love is blind. Is this phrase true Love is blind?

Love is illogical. How can Love just exist? What is this mystery?

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I wake up having seen this magnificent dream as if you are still in my arms, your fragrance still in my hands, your face still in my eyes. Was it all real or just an illusion?