I am staring at the screen and suddenly my head starts spinning. I want to avoid taking a power nap, else I will fall asleep and would run behind the office work as usual. Procrastinating for another tomorrow. I just close the laptop in sleep mode and I distract myself. I look around and as I pick up my phone, I see a text from you. I smile at your message. I feel dizzy so I put the phone away and I go out of my workstation for a walk, thinking about you, your beautiful eyes.

Your eyes, I have so fallen in love with them, when I first saw you and looked into your eyes, they were the most beautiful eyes I ever saw. Those light-colored hazel eyes are full of novelty. I wish I can see them longer time. I am engrossed in all the times I saw those lovely eyes, full of that dainty laughter. Notoriousness!

I remember how I took you out in the open, wanting to look at your pretty eyes, but you won’t look at me. You look at everything except me, I want to gaze at them telling you I love you so much, but all I can manage is avoiding eye contact, so that you may not know that I have fallen in love with you. I stare and catch a glimpse of you.

We talk and how those eyes inquisitively asked me “How did you manage to get a leave today to meet me?” and I told a bullshit story of my boss being in love with her wife, which might be true just to tell you I love you more than my boss loves his wife, and he granted me a leave happily as both are on vacation!

You look at me, and all I can see in your eyes is that shine, that unusual twinkle in them. I am falling more and more each day for you and I am hiding this all in my heart. I walk another round looking at the clear blue sky, remembering how we all laughed and you looked at me, giving me a little clue, you do like me a little. From one end of the table over dinner to mine. I was so mesmerized.

How I sat by you, hoping to look at you, your gorgeous face, to be able to tell how I have waited to meet you all my life. You are the one, I have been dreaming about. You are the one I missed on every trip that I went on, you were the one I wanted to go to movies to, go on a motor ride with you, do all the adventures with you, stay up late at night with you, do all crazy stupid things with you. How I always have dreamt about that someone special, and my dreams came to reality when I looked into those adorable brown eyes. I saw my world in you.

I am thinking about you and I start to miss you even more. I wouldn’t trade anything in this world for you. I want you so bad, I don’t have enough words to express my desire. I would choose you every single day, without a second thought, without a doubt. I have always been so perplexed about, how would my love of life be. How would we meet, how would I know?

Those eyes were how I know. I smile remembering your lovable face, I can’t help it, I feel so drawn, just like there is a piece of my heart missing, and it’s with you, how this feeling still is the same, it doesn’t grow old. Is this what love feels like? I feel mushy all day, I laugh at my own big self falling more in love with you. How does this happen? How your thoughtful words, your fabled voice, and your kind gestures have taken me away, into a different world.

I remember looking at those shy eyes, those eyes, wanting to tell me I know you love me but I won’t tell it now, those eyes looking at stupid me, trying to tell me I love you too, but only to make me feel overawed by you. I couldn’t breathe thinking how did I get you? What miracle has happened, how did I end up with you. I need to pinch myself, are you really mine? Did I get to call you all mine, right here at this place under these thousand stars, walking with you in those woods? With your fragrance still alive in my heart.

I intend to be your last love, I would love you like no one did, I would do anything in this world for you, I have already started to forget so many things I use to measure the accountability of my love to be, falling for you made me realized, there is no parameter in this world, to measure the love you have, or the give and take relationship people have. Love, is beyond all. I always chose people who would help me grow, be there in my difficult times, always be calculative, and not make a mistake. With you, I made the biggest mistake of my life! I did not calculate, did not think wisely, did not overthink, and let my heart choose. It chose you and you were the first biggest mistake of my life became the most beautiful, I ended up falling in love with you. I wish I had a way to not look like a fool every time, I stop in the middle of the day, thinking about you, your eyes, smile inanely, and carry on with my work, with you always being on my mind.

My dizziness is gone, I desperately look at your pictures, looking at those bright eyes, trying to miss you less. The more I try not to miss you, or think about you, the more I become crazy for you. I look at you and I am floored. I wonder when would I get enough time with you, in an amicable serene atmosphere, where there is just you and me, I can look at your lovely smile and gorgeous eyes so that I can fill you with my love, hold you in my arms, with your face up close to mine, your hands in my hands, our fingers intertwined, looking at your beautiful face, a little longer, into your eyes a little deeper and let you know that Oh Darling! I love you so much and seal those lips with mine, making me yours, Forever and Always.

Author: Onesha

She is the funny one! Has flair for drama, loves to write when happy! You might hate her first story, but maybe you’ll like the next. She is the master of words, but believes actions speak louder than words. 1sha Rastogi, founder of

5 thoughts on “Belong

  1. Its been a while since I read your post, so when i read it today, it left me with a smile, the smile of getting back something I had lost in the circumstances of life. Beautifully penned!

    1. Whatever you are going through, You have been strong. Keep Going. If you are sick I pray that may you Get well soon. May a lot of lovely smiles come your way. May all the situations, give you the strength, be your superpower in life. Don’t be afraid. We all are with you. I am praying and sending positivity your way. Wherever the good souls are, they are blessing you with their love. Whoever has left has made a wonderful space for more good, more love, and more moments to cherish. I pray for your happiness, at all levels. May this smile be on your loving face forever.

      1. Aww thank you so much Onesha! How deeply I cherish those words, thank you so much for the love your sending this way! I have already got more than I have deserved, and you are one of the many blessings that I have come across. I am really grateful for the kind words. I pray for your well being safety and success in all aspects in life. Looking forward to reading more from you. ❤

        1. I am glad you are loving these posts. Thanks for your kind words <3 Your words make me speechless. I am grateful to you for counting me as a blessing. May god bless you.

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