S2 – The Lost Lake 2

Previously on the Lost Lake, you read about a child who became the victim of domestic violence and falls prey to drugs. Karl distances himself from Marla owing to his business commitments, Meanwhile Siwan and Marla came close. Upon knowing about the affair, Karl gets infuriated and misbehaves with Marla and Dave. This part takes you back to the story between Siwan and Marla, how they came close and how the conflicts started leading Karl to believe Dave is not his son.


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Karl was relieved to see Marla’s face. He hugged her at the entrance and he remained in her arms speaking nothing. Karl started crying in her arms.He was looking for her from the moment he woke up. He was mourning his demised sister, feeling himself guilty for not taking out time for her or for his own kid. He wanted to apologize for everything and wanted to make amends. His tears broke all the barriers, he laid on his thoughts and feelings. He could not say anything. He gathered the courage to speak and leaving Marla from his embrace, cupped her beautiful face in both her hands, tucking her hair flick behind the ear, he looked past her and saw Siwan standing at the door behind her.


Siwan looked into Karl’s eyes and started mumbling,

What is he doing at this midnight with you?” Karl asked Marla.

Marla who was dumbfounded with Karl’s Sudden change of disposition went speechless. She looked into his eyes and could see the question floating like the bow of arrow ready to pierce and question her loyalty!

Marla smelled of alcohol, Karl looked at Siwan who seemed drunk too. Karl looked at both of them in a disgusting manner and knew not what to say. He has been suffering alone whole day to the memories of her demised sister, was feeling guilty of ignoring Marla and his son for so long, and here is she, drinking with the other Guy? With the Baby Doctor? What is he doing with her?

Karl looked at the Car perplexed which was standing outside leaving Marla from every inch of his touch. He went inside and slammed his door shut.

He switched off the Lights and started staring out of the window, Siwan went back in his car. He didn’t respond to the knocks on the door by Marla and tears found their way from his broken self to the eyes in no time. He was certainly too late to apologize. Marla had already fallen out of love with him.

Next Morning

Marla and Mrs. Gregori, the housemaid were busy settling the house, making space for the new member Rebo who was sleeping cozily along with Dave.

Karl didn’t say a word and Marla knew the reason. Karl was already ready to leave, In no time he was off to work. Marla with a sigh went to the breakfast table and sat there holding his head in both her hands which were still heavy with alcohol.

Doorbell Rang

Mrs. Gregori went to open the door and saw Dr. Siwan standing there. He greeted her and came inside near Marla and in an apologetic tone said to Marla “I am sorry for coming here Last night”

Marla who was sobbing silently didn’t look at him and continued to sob. Siwan empathetically placed his hand on her shoulders to comfort her, which were unwelcomed by Marla.

I am sorry I was too drunk to listen to you,” said he embarrassed.

Marla got Up from the chair into the kid’s room and latched it as she burst into the tears, Siwan came on to the door, placing his palm on it said

I know you are hurt, I know what you have been through, I know everything” a pause

“Please don’t shut me out, You haven’t done anything wrong.” a long pause. “Is it too much to ask for a man’s love and care, he is your husband?”

“Marla, listen he ignored you when you needed him the most. You brought up Dave alone, He left you alone to cry, He hardly cared.”

“He has never been a support. He never could love you, just saying is not enough Marla. He could have been with you right here , right now, if he really loved you!”  Marla continues sobbing.

“He is busy the whole day and not even bothered about you or Dave. He doesn’t want you to work, he doesn’t know your dreams. He is insensitive towards you Marla why don’t you see it”

“Marla, Open the door, please!”

“Shut up, Just go away, You heard him talking last night, He loves me a lot more than anything, it is me who betrayed him, I never loved you. It was always Karl,” said Marla way too hyper, hurt and broken.

“I know I have been weak, I was so wrong,” said Marla sobbing.

“Remember the nights we spent together, you were so happy to sleep in my arms, Karl will never be able to comfort you like that, He is always in his work Marla.”

“Just Leave my house, I wish I could not have been weak to do that,Never come to my house again, I don’t want to see you ever” Marla is shouting and annoyed.

“But..”  Siwan trying to speak

“Leave I said” Marla is enraged. The loud screams filled the room repenting and lamenting each moment of closeness. Marla never thought of being with someone else. Her love for Karl felt weak gradually when Karl started staying away, she missed being with him, for his Love and he would never show up. It was one such night on the eve of Dave’s Birthday when he didn’t come home and Left the guests and children waiting. He was too busy to remember and never apologized or made it up. It became a habit, Karl would forget everything Marla would plan out. She was broke and decided to go back to work to keep herself Busy and soon Dave who was ignored by both Marla and Karl started staying sick.

Marla took Dave to Siwan for the regular checkup when Siwan found Marla vulnerable, emotionally broke and sad. Her usual smile was missing.

                                                                                                                                       … TO BE CONTINUED

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