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I look at you, you come near me and you implant a kiss over my cheek. I am sleepy, and the curtains are still drawn, the room is hazy but I see your beautiful face, full of the glory of last night.

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I want you right here, in my bed, give me a night to remember.

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I want you on me, your lips on mine, to end the night in your arms.

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I yearn for your touch, your presence..

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When the past is sneaky but hot, I can’t stop thinking about your touch. I miss you a lot, our making out, our fiery nights.

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I look at the balcony on the fifth and I see a couple kissing madly. His hands on her chest, her legs on his, and both wrapped around each other. I take a deep breath and I look at the pool instead. I sit there lost in thoughts about you and how you would hold me just out of the shower and pull me in, as we bathed and kissed. I touch my lips remembering your touch, your lips.

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I decline the salacious offer and you stuff your face in the pillow and again your face rises a little, watching me with your side eyes pretending to look out the window. I see your eyes looking at my army cargo shorts and I know you are hungry!

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The Day I Met You

I see him and his ruffled hair, his shirt is unbuttoned, I look at him salaciously right from his melancholic eyes, to his lips and down to his neck around his collar, unbuttoned shirt, and right down the third button where I can’t see any skin. He is immersed in the taste of my wine looking at the picture hung on the wall.