I laugh with my friends, and my eyes search for you in the crowd. My eyes scan each and every single person, drinking, laughing, talking, and getting a refill. My eyes stop at you, looking gorgeous.

I look at you standing with friends, colleagues, and all the other people in your lives at this boring party. Your champagne glass is sparkling with the little drops rising up to the surface, looking at you from afar, you look like the greek god in your black satin shirt, the rolled-up sleeves on your ripped arms, I can see your cuts and curves, your broad shoulders, you sip your drink and I see a watch on your wrist.

Tie me down and fuck me hard, right here kind of wrist, to hold me and push me against the wall, your tongue over my lips, devouring me, every inch of my skin. I gulp air down my mouth, salivating with the mere thought of you naked in my bed, gliding over my smooth skin, with your soft and supple hands, giving me a rough night to remember.

I am thinking of my bedroom, with satin sheets and dingy lights, some nasty music with you pressed against me, making me moan and turn all night, curling my toes to every movement of yours, you over my bare body, pleasuring me, getting hard.

I sip my wine and I look at you down your torso, what a nice butt, I look progressing and I want to get you out of those pants, to lie down with me, show me you, your real self, getting hard, getting ready to take me on.

Pull my hair, with those strong wrists, grab me and keep me up all night, craving me like a demi-goddess, riding on me like you have wanted me so bad, and now you won’t let me go until the night is young and my thirst for you is quenched, I feel the warmth between my thighs. I feel wet and I am turned on. Your cream pants look impressive, I bite my lip.

I move from my seat and I move towards the restroom, brushing myself against you. You turn around and you notice me, and you look at me. I look at you for a brief moment, your eyes going from my eyes, bold red lips to my cleavage, to my bosom, down to my bare legs. I like the way you look at me, at all my body, like you want to taste me, and you are aroused, I see your left hand going into your pocket, and you are slurping down the rest of your champagne, I turn and I go ahead, you follow me.

I want him tonight, I want him to look at me in a lousy way like he craves me sensually, like he wants me right here right now. I enter and I wait for him, his lustful eyes, to grab me, roll down my panties and fuck me hard, pushed against the wall. I am breathing heavily. I look at the mirror and I see him, latching the door. I smile and my inner goddess is ready to get rough.

He looks at me, I smile at him, I see his eyes burning in passion, his desire, his thirst, all elevated, to take me down, he grabs my thighs and pushes me over the basin, unzipping his fly, pressing himself against me. Kissing me voluptuously, his hand against the mirror and one holding my back. Breathing heavily, my hands around his neck pulling him towards me, I have been waiting for him.

I move along, giving it to him, feeling pleasure everywhere, his hands, are in my hair, I feel him between my thighs, getting harder, kissing my neck, his hands over my chest, holding them and not stopping for a single second. Making me wander off to another dimension, his body is fired, I feel him inside me. Pace growing faster, his lips moving in my mouth. He comes with me and kisses me deeply, moaning in my mouth.

He removes me from his embrace, zips his fly, and moves out. I look at my flushed red face, afterglow, I am basking in the encounter, I look at the floor for my lacy black panty. I can’t find them, I adjust my hair and I come out. I see him getting a refill, he smirks at me from the other counter, smelling my panties and putting them inside his pocket, winking at me, to meet me in his car later.

Author: Onesha

She is the funny one! Has flair for drama, loves to write when happy! You might hate her first story, but maybe you’ll like the next. She is the master of words, but believes actions speak louder than words. 1sha Rastogi, founder of

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