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Chapter 3

Kempegowda International Airport, Bengaluru.
I got off the flight and I came out of the airport. I find you waiting for me. Its a bright hot sunny day and it’s my birthday in a few days. I couldn’t have been happier than coming all the way from Delhi to meet you and finally hold you in my arms. I have loved you from the deepest parts of my heart. This long-distance relationship sucked a high time and here we were finally meeting after a very long to embrace a few good days of love.

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Chapter 2

I see your curly hair, your fair-skinned glowed in that dusky evening, you are wearing a black t-shirt and I see your strong arms, well built. I see a big tattoo carved beautifully on your forearm. I am awestruck and this is the first time I see you. You are so beautiful, so lost in your own essence, so pure and so cool, comfortable in your own way, you are wearing your hiking pants and trekking shoes, carrying your traveler bag and you radiate the unpretentious traveler vibes, someone who is in love with traveling, one that is immeasurable.

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Chapter 1

I looked at you and sat on my desk waiting for our lectures to begin, hoping you would talk to me.You defend me and pledge my accountability to yours. I for the first time feel a connection, but I don’t know you. I am finally going on a trip. I was excited, nervous, and intoxicated by the idea of traveling. Only if I knew this traveling trip was the beginning of my beautiful Love story with you.

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The Day I Met You

I see him and his ruffled hair, his shirt is unbuttoned, I look at him salaciously right from his melancholic eyes, to his lips and down to his neck around his collar, unbuttoned shirt, and right down the third button where I can’t see any skin. He is immersed in the taste of my wine looking at the picture hung on the wall.

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The high and low of these roads, hair flutter with the winds. I choke on happiness and guilt, Of living…

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पहली मुलाक़ात

उसे जाते हुए बस में देखता ही रह गया और मैं बस वहीं खड़ा रहा | मैं समझ ही नहीं पाया कि एक पल में अचानक क्या हो गया मैं इतना बेबस कब से हो गया? यह शायद मेरा ही कसूर था कि मेरा दिल आज मेरे हाथों से निकल चुका था | सड़क किनारे खड़ी हुई वह लाल सूट में न जाने मुझ पर ऐसा क्या जादू कर गई, मेरे दिलो-दिमाग पर ऐसी छाई कि मैं होश खो बैठा | कैसी वह कशिश थी, कैसी वह बारिश थी, कैसा मौसम था, कैसा वह समां था | जैसे इश्क़ का अधूरा सा अफ़साना था |