Chapter 1

I set foot in the class and the blackboard is wiped clean, I turn and find three idiots sitting inside. I ask Nirman, who is indifferent to answer, let alone the blackboard being so black. Kumar also denies and the third one raises the eyebrows and nods his head, this was the first time I ever saw you. Well, Who wipes the blackboard so clean?

I looked at you and sat on my desk waiting for our lectures to begin, hoping you would talk to me.

Days pass by and you are a mere classmate to me, I look around and find no one interesting, not even you. I have forgotten about you but yes I do notice guys talking to other girls in the class.

I feel sad and heartbroken, what would make them come and talk to me?

Am I not that good? It was only later I realized they perceived me to be the girl with a demeanor. It was you who told me this!

I one day come to class and sit on the bench in front of you, you do not talk, you do not speak and keep me wondering why would you not talk to me? I am annoyed, I wonder if you are a shy person, or do not talk to anyone only to find out you talking to Vihaani. I find myself humiliated and I am enraged, I am burning inside out to talk to you but you instead, are more inclined to talk to her.

More days pass by and exam days were approaching and I had to burn the midnight oil to get through. I am sitting in the hall and waiting for the day to be over so that I could study. You come to the class giving everyone in the class the leaked paper for tomorrow’s exam, You give the paper to me as well. You disappoint me, who gives the paper to the entire class, its meant for close friends. Maybe you don’t have any? Or maybe you are that admiring!

I find you again talking to Vihaani, I am desperate and I now sit beside you and start talking to you, about vague things and you talk to me. Hoping to start things between you and me, but you are the same cold heartless person interested in other people than me.

Several days pass by and now its March, the weather seems pleasant. I am sitting outside the class with all the other classmates, just goofing around. I see you gloating on some peer talks with Abeer. I am good friends with Abeer. You go crazy the next moment and I feel you are playing a prank on everyone, you ask “Will you go trekking?” to everyone, one by one enqueued and everyone nodding their head of denial.

Here comes my turn. You and Abeer ask me, I travel junkie, agrees having done the Nandi hill trek. You look at me in amazement. Abeer says, there won’t be any signal, to which I don’t give a damn, then he again says there will no restrooms on the top! I can see they are asking if I really want to with them, to all I agree.

The phone signal was the biggest problem in the course of my life which will take its due importance but It was very important and I could not miss my pre-dinner and after dinner calls at my home! It had to be done at a specific time, with specific people and if not, I would have to be homebound forever!

Thinking about Nandi hills I thought, There will be signals no matter what!

Abeer denies taking me along, saying I won’t be able to trek. You defend me and pledge my accountability to yours. I for the first time feel a connection, but I don’t know you.

I come rushing back to my hostel before I am denied the outside entry at 5pm to go for the trekking trip. Nandi Hills was a delight, I pack my stuff thinking about that short 2 km trek that I enjoyed to see the most beautiful sunset I ever visualized.

My cellphone ranged and it was Abeer, I picked up and you speak instead, I was not comfortable speaking with you since you never spoke to me.

You ask “Do you want anything from the sports supermarket, we are here to buy some trekking stuff if you need anything” I deny, and after a pause, you hand over to Abeer.

Abeer greets me on the phone and I am outrageous on him “Why with your phone is he speaking? I don’t know him, I can’t talk to him” He is embarrassed and saves himself of my wrath by saying “We are going on a trip dude, it’s better to be comfortable!”

I pack my things and I rush out of the hostel at 4:55pm and I am walking to the local bus stand to meet You and Abeer. I am finally going on a trip. I was excited, nervous, and intoxicated by the idea of traveling.

Only if I knew this traveling trip was the beginning of my beautiful Love story with you.

Author: Onesha

She is the funny one! Has flair for drama, loves to write when happy! You might hate her first story, but maybe you’ll like the next. She is the master of words, but believes actions speak louder than words. 1sha Rastogi, founder of

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