Chapter 5

We spend a few moments together and the next I know, all of the gang goes crazy dancing around the bonfire. There was music, laughter, joviality, notoriousness, food, and love in the air! February is indeed the most lovable and amusing month of the year. We enjoy and were exhilarated.

At around 9pm, I became way too conscious as it was the mandatory home talking time, which I cannot miss at any cost, I find my way around to look for a quiet place to escape my family’s suspicion, and I talk for 20-30 minutes and I come back.

We enjoy the food, I am interacting with your friends, and its the first time I have met them. I want to be with you but you seem distracted. Its almost past midnight into this celebration of all things love and everyone started dozing off into their tents to wake up early to sunrise. You sleep instantly and you do not talk.

You sleep and I watch you sleep. I am sad and I feel ignored. I came all the way to spend time with you, to take away a few memories to cherish for the months that we don’t meet, to hold on to them and relive them, to be happy, to make most out of our long-distance relationship, to not budge you every time I miss you, to not think of you whenever I see someone in love, walking hand in hand on the street. I miss you, I miss you so much. I am lonely. I am angry. I hide my tears and I sleep.

I am awakened by you the next morning and I am unable to open my eyes being a night person. I wake up repulsively and you are rushing everyone, including me to be just in time for our sunrise. We gather our things and we start our trek towards a higher summit to discover the much-sought sunrise which had destroyed my sleep for two days in a row! I sleepily walk to the trail for our next point on the hill.

There is no restroom over the trek and we are all watching out for each other and we proceed to our trek.

We trek for a while and dawn has just started touching the sky, the night sky is wearing off, giving the azure color to the stretch, for the first time in so many days, I breathe fresh air. I see the colors changing and I see the outbreak of dawn into the horizon. It is cold and lovely. My eyes open out wide and I gawp at the two different worlds in the sky. One is yet to be awakened by the deep blue sleep and the other to be embraced by the warmth of the sunrise. We reach the sunrise point and all of us are dazzled. The sun rose all beautiful scarlet red and like a ball of fire and colors changing every second, to the beautiful defined suns rays spreading across the skyline.

For a moment I am awestruck having envisioned such a beautiful sunrise, I can hear the wind and I am in the utmost freshness anyone could ever have, My eyes instantly open and I want to capture this sunrise forever in my eyes and heart. I look around to find you, you are busy shuttering the moments in the camera and taking selfies with everyone.

After the sunrise, we enjoy our handmade sandwiches back at our tents and we trek back to the feet of Antharagange Caves hills, It is almost evening until we get back to our place of stay and I am tired.

I am hungry and you take me out for a dinner date to Onesta Cafe. Its a small and cute cafe in Koramangala, with a beautiful ambiance and peculiar theme, it took away my heart.

We ordered a pizza, and, It was one of the best pizza I had in my life until today, thin-crust, so cheezy and delicious, the perfect blend of spices and so delicious and tasty with non-negotiable quality standards. There was garlic bread, drinks and we ate until we were more than full. The day ended with me falling in love with sunrise and pizza that day!

An unforgettable day in my life! I was sincerely awaiting my birthday the next day.

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