I am unable to sleep in my room, I look outside and the wind is chilled, I cover myself with the satin robe I am wearing and I step out on the balcony. I look at the beautiful view. The blue lights reflecting from the pool water over to the sun lounger. The view is full of lights and I look at the stars above. The white curtains flowing with the wind. I open my hair bun and my hair loosely falls off my head to my neck and on my face. Cool breeze touching my cheeks and my hair moving along the gush of air.

I look at the crescent moon and I can’t help but think of you. I remember you. I pick up my phone and I search for your number. There it is. It’s not a good idea to call you though, I look at your Instagram, it has been sporadic for a year now. I wonder how have you been, what have you been doing, do you also think about me?

I remember how you kissed my cheeks, out of the blue leaving me in shock, why would you do that? I am not enraged though, I am utterly surprised, so all this time you liked me and I failed to notice. I wonder what all things I fail to see in people I meet.

I am enjoying the view and suddenly there is a human, wearing beach shorts entering the pool area, talking over the phone. I can’t help but notice, he looks good. The night is young and I need a good kiss from someone tonight, maybe someone in my bed, someone on me, making me moan all night long. I can’t remember when did I lose sight of the handsome young man and now it’s me alone. I have been staring at the chiseled face, but where did he go? I look around and I can’t find him.

I go back to missing you and looking at the stars. Suddenly there is a knock on my door, I look at the watch and it’s 1pm, can’t be the room service, who is that? I walk barefoot on the door tying up my red satin robe, reaching the knees, and as I open it. I see the same handsome young man standing there.

I look at you confused, what do you want, and before I can say anything you say in the most passionate voice

“Hey I am, I am on the wrong door, but my room is on the other side of the hotel, I just saw you awake, would you mind if I borrow your charger please for a few minutes. I really have an urgent call to take. “

I look at you, you look gorgeous, I look at your pretty face and your mouth, perfect. I want you right now.

“Sure, come in” I allow you in and I show you the charger plugged in below the LCD socket panel. You come in and you stand there plugging in your phone. You are wearing the white shirt, open and your beach short has a slogan written over which I don’t read and I look at your tushy, your rear looks amazing, trying to look at your front. I sit on my bed, my eyes reeling on you from head to toe. I want you to make me want me, but all you do is look at your phone.

You call someone and you keep talking, I am bored of looking at you so I just walk out of the room and I come downstairs near the pool sitting on the sun lounger. Looking at the water and resting my hands on my stomach. The blue shade of the pool covers me and the chilled wind makes me a little nostalgic. I see a few people on a faraway lawn. Lying down, holding hands and looking at the stars, it’s a bit dark there, so I don’t go, some are sitting, some are talking, some are on their back just like in bed, they are stargazing.

I look at the balcony on the fifth and I see a couple kissing madly. His hands on her chest, her legs on his, and both wrapped around each other. I take a deep breath and I look at the pool instead. I sit there lost in thoughts about you and how you would hold me just out of the shower and pull me in, as we bathed and kissed. I touch my lips remembering your touch, your lips.

“Hey, Thanks, “ My thought of you are interrupted by Mr. Charger favour.

I just look at you disappointed, and I put my feet on the floor ready to leave just and you say

“Would you like wine?” I look at you. Your eyes are hazel brown, reflecting the blue pool lights.

“Umm, I don’t know if that’s a good idea,” I say looking down at your see-through shirt and bare body and as my eyes travel down you say

“I insist. Please join me.” You give me your doe-eyed look. I agree and we walk up to your room across the pool, lawn, and to the luxurious suite reserved for some VIP members of what not and bullshit.

“I hope I am not interrupting your sleep. I hadn’t asked if it wasn’t this far.” Your voice is making me want you. Oh and you smell like my perfume. Did you spray some on yourself while I was away? Oh boy! I am turned on.

“I locked your room. Here Alicia” you say handing me the keys.

“I am Cooper.” You say touching my hands, giving off the keys. I feel this urge and you look me in the eye, and then at my lips. I can sense the steam building up as we climb towards your suite.

The rooms are giant and look like independent villas, it’s quite far from my room. You open the fresh bottle of wine and you pour, handing me the wine glass. I sit on your bed and we talk about our visit here. I am attracted to you. You and I drink. I keep staring at you talk. You ask me for the refill. I nod and I see you silencing your phone occasionally. Nice! So can I get that mouth on me, than seeing you talking? I put the glass of wine over the side table to leave.

“So soon?”

You hold my hand and pull me closer. I am in your embrace. You keep your wine glass and you put your arm around me, I do not resist. You lean in and you kiss me, your mouth taste of the delicious wine and you smell heavenly. We kiss passionately, savoring your lips, they are soft. Your arms hold me tighter and my hands are around your shoulders. I stop, I look at your eyes again and your lips meet mine and you kiss me like you have never kissed anyone before, nibbling my neck, removing my robe, kissing my ear.

I remove your shirt and you pull me up in your bed. Your arms around me and I wrapped around you. You feel ticklish, I giggle and we share a moment. All naked and bare clinging to each other and as you fill me up making me want you more, moving to the rhythm of my desires, engulfed in me, and as we finish, I see the afterglow on your face. You kiss me again all flushed, pulling me in your arms again inside the sheets, smelling my hair, my body, leaving little pecks along the shoulder, and your hands on my waist.

You look at me, tucking my hair behind the ear, kissing me again. It’s all the wine. You look at me with love and I kiss you back. You smile running the knuckles over my face, over my cheeks, to my neck, and down, touching every sensitive territory making me gasp and moan. I run my fingers through your hair, you hide in my bosom clinging to me.

You fall asleep and I leave you in your sheets, wearing my clothes, picking up my keys, walking down the lawn barefoot. It’s almost past midnight and I look at the stars. I still miss you, no matter who I share my body with, my day with, my views with. I always miss you. I lay down on my back in the grass and I look at the stars and about to be dawn hues a little blue. I fall asleep.

I wake up the next day in my bed, in my room, sunlight spread across and I can’t remember how did I get here. I look around and find a note on the table, with your number over it. I roll my eyes and throw it off in the dustbin. My phone buzzes and as I check my phone, inside the gallery I see pictures of me, sleeping under the stars, and you beside me. I smile looking at them, I look so peaceful. Maybe it’s time to move on.

I reminiscence the last night with you and I dig up your number from the dustbin and I text you

“Wanna join me for breakfast?” and I hear the same knock on the door.

Author: Onesha

She is the funny one! Has flair for drama, loves to write when happy! You might hate her first story, but maybe you’ll like the next. She is the master of words, but believes actions speak louder than words. 1sha Rastogi, founder of

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