There is unusual silence between you and me. I can’t think of anything to speak, so that you may like me. I keep thinking of random things to talk to you that pique your interest. I fail terribly, you are least interested in the topics that I bring or even the questions that I ask, you answer them in all the shortest way or least interesting way possible.

I don’t know how to win you over with the only chance that I have. You seem distant and so I keep thinking about ways to make our conversation more engaging. You break the silence and we talk about some new TV series. It’s something I never preferred. A different genre so I search and watch so that we may have some common ground to talk about. It’s interesting and as I watch the series I want to talk about it with you.

But you hardly find time to watch and you instead explain to me how these things work in real life. So I watch the videos to gain all that I could so that we can talk constructively about it, and conversation starts flowing, we talk and you keep talking about everything that you know. I feel charmed having tricked you into speaking. I breathe a sigh of relief. Whatever you watch and like, I watch it, trying to comprehend what is it that you like in this particular?

Time passes and our conversation keeps going better but I feel the vibe missing. Our conversation remains formal, no matter how hard I try, they don’t go beyond a few things. I never thought how it would be to make someone interested in you, how do I talk, how to know whether you like me or not? It’s tough and you are tough as a shell, very hard to read and harder to open up. Everyone has always been so interested in me, and you are here with a challenge.

Maybe if we meet, we can connect with each other better. How do I make an offer, I am having a hard time, keeping you talking on the phone, why would you meet me? I anyhow make a visit to you, to be able to connect with you better, but you won’t let your guard down. I wonder what would make you talk to me nicely or more openly. You seem a little disinterested. I make efforts to see you but all in vain, I wonder if I bought you any happiness at all but all the efforts made to meet you are nothing but becomes just a casual forgetful incident.

I ask Google, how to make a person interested in you, and Voila here is the trick,

Help solve their problem, maybe they will never forget you.

Problem. Hmm! Interesting what problem can I solve in your life? I know I sound desperate indeed. Oh, I was! Next trick,

Don’t call them, they would think you are ignoring them and that would raise their interest.

Oh, so I need not call. It would raise your interest. Nice. So I decide to follow these two tricks, to trick you into liking me.

I watch another movie that you like, I think of ways to let you know I am so interested in you. There are other important things keeping you busy. I let go of you. So I don’t have to call and also I have to solve your problem, two challenging tasks. Quite the opposite. Somehow I manage to balance the two. So whenever you call I look for loopholes in your life, any problem to solve. You have been planning some gifts to give to your organization and you need a suggestion. Oh, I am on it. I am given a chance to make you like me, I have a problem to solve. I give you ideas and you have ideas of your own. I wonder if you like it?

I am hopeful. Google shall never disappoint me. I solved a problem. After a day or two, I receive the photo of the gifts, you liked my idea. Oh my God. You have made me more interested in you or maybe you have made me fall for you a little. Why is the trajectory going the other way round, you were supposed to open up to me, but it’s the opposite, it’s me getting hooked up with you. You made me feel important. Who would take my idea into consideration, you did.

Oh boy. I do not call as per Google for many days. Hoping, this trick should work. Though I am dying inside to call you up. What good does this trick do? It’s making me more interested in you, rather than having you interested in me.

Your phone calls become infrequent and one fine day, we are talking over the phone and you tell me how you have been awake in the middle of the night at 3am and upon probing you further, you say, you don’t know, it has never happened before. I ask you what did you do when you woke up. You tell me you want to join the office. Office? at 3am in the middle of the night? Why? Why didn’t you think about doing anything else? Like, watch TV! or the series that you had me watch?

Looks like, your TV remote has been dead for a few days and you are not able to watch anything. Problem to solve. I immediately search for your TV remote online and I place the order. Maybe when you watch TV, you think about me and then maybe you like me a little? I am so excited, but how to tell you that there is a remote out for delivery.

I create a series of lies to tell you, so as to not sound too desperate and so you may not think that it is a pre-calculated move, or you may not think how overly impressed I am with you. I make the whole thing sound like normalcy and after talking random things for about 10 minutes, I finally manage to speak that you may watch TV and that you are also allowed to have some leisure time, your TV remote is on the way.

As soon as you hear this your usual voice is gone. I for the first time in so many days, listen to that warm voice I have been dying to hear. You loosen up, you finally let your guard down and I don’t know for the very first time, I sense change in your feelings towards me. So Google trick actually worked. I don’t know what made you worried? You instantly just changed.

Well, it’s good, that’s what I wanted. I think. Only to hear from you that your remote has its batteries down and I should cancel the delivery. Oh no no no no! Shit, I just got you to like me and now all the efforts are wasted. I cancel the remote with a heavy heart. I need you to like me. What shall I do to awaken your liking towards me?

You remember small details about me and I think we are getting where I always wanted us to be, to be something more. I feel happy by your little texts and gestures. You say you tend to forget things but you remember all things about me. Or is it just a coincidence? Well, I have a hard time understanding, what is going in your mind?

So I don’t find any problem to solve for days. I look at your pictures, and I look at you sitting on your bike, it’s an avenger. I remember another bike that was stolen a long time back. What if I give you the same bike. It has been your dream, Maybe then you would like me. I need a solid plan. I call all of my friends to inquire about the bike. I gather all the information I can and I ask you about it as well, to know the details, whether you still love to ride bikes? And you do!

I immediately call up the bike agency and I now need your details to give you a bike. Oh, wait. I have no details. This plan is completely ridiculous. This is impossible. I sulk for a few days and I try to gather a few details about you, I cook up random incidents to get all the details out of your mouth for the legal documents required to be able to book the bike in your name, but what good do the verbal documents do. I need a paper. I need proof.

I make plans to meet up with you and they get canceled owing to other commitments and we can’t meet. I keep asking to meet and as usual, they get dropped. Though you really are quite humble and do want to meet, I feel you don’t want to, like I am forcing you to.

Two weeks pass by and I can get nowhere. It’s going to be your birthday in three weeks. I have to arrange the bike anyhow. So I book the bike under my name, now all I need is your documents. I need it before your big day. I want to surprise you. I wish I can go down the agency myself, ride the bike to your place and call you standing in front of it, handing you over the keys. All dramatic wishing you Happy birthday.

Maybe then you would feel drawn towards me. I am imagining your face, how you would be immensely happy and maybe then I can tell you how much you mean to me, and maybe then, I can have you feel the same what I am feeling for you.

My planning skills are failing me, weeks are passing by fast and I can not find any excuse to be able to get the documents from you, a valid reason to ask you for your documents. I make a calculated move again, to get your documents in time. It’s a powerful one, and I need to have a lot of courage to do it. I rope in with Dad. I ask him for a huge favor, to bring me the documents from your office, saying I need it to file some office work, dad finds the reason agreeable and he agrees. Dad has to be in your city for some work and so he visits you as per my plan, greeting you with the delightful town sweets.

I am convinced, my planning is on track and I can get you something you would really love. So I call you up and ask what you want for your birthday. You deny asking for anything. You don’t want anything and I believe you. You are probably thinking who asks what to gift someone for their own birthday present. So I take a promise from you, I would gift you anything I want, you will have to accept it without any arguments and you cannot tell anyone about it. You agree without questions. How sweet!

I am waiting for Dad to return with the documents, and as usual, he forgets, why did I send him to visit you. He did not bring the documents. Dad forgets! All the dramatic wishing dreams come falling down. I am so mad. Angry. Enraged. My one chance at affection is destroyed.

I receive a call from you later that evening, how you were visited by my dad today, how he barged into your office and I put on a facade, of knowing nothing. He wouldn’t have visited if it hadn’t been for me. I act all foolish and I am so sad, it’s your birthday in merely two days and I can’t have a hold of your documents. No bike, no happiness.

My absurd plan doesn’t come to fruition and your birthday arrives. I want to wish you the best birthday ever without having anything. I wish to come to you but instead stay back. I wish you your birthday and I still feel the likeliness and the vibes missing. Maybe I was the last person you wanted your birthday wish from, instead, I was the first and I even don’t know how to wish. I wish I could have spent your birthday with you. I pray for you that day for your dreams to come true. I feel useless and worthless, not being able to do anything good in your life.

I make up my mind and I try again, you finally say yes to meeting me the next weekend. I make dessert for your birthday, thinking something is better than nothing. I hope you like it and I think of all possible ways to get hold of your documents. We spend the entire day together and I manage to click pictures of all the required papers. You catch me doing this frenzy and you are scared, I might not send you to prison. I laugh and I am finally relieved I would be able to surprise you, be able to tell you how much I like you, once it arrives. But at the end of the day, seeing you and spending all day with you, my liking turns to admiration and I am clueless about you.

And my heart encloses one more secret at the end of that night. And for weeks to come I search on Google, How do you make someone fall in love with you?

Author: Onesha

She is the funny one! Has flair for drama, loves to write when happy! You might hate her first story, but maybe you’ll like the next. She is the master of words, but believes actions speak louder than words. 1sha Rastogi, founder of

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