Previously on The Lost Lake, you read about Dave, who leaves his house when he is beaten up by his Dad. He goes by the Lakeside and spends the night there, Next morning, he finds his parents by his side hugging him closely and he feels happy, but only to know that this was a dream. He already had his encounter with Drugs. This part of the story shows the Relationship between Karl and Marla.

Chapter 3

Karl met Marla in a friend’s wedding. Marla was a young and beautiful Lady. He was a successful businessman in his early thirties. Money always attracted Marla. She was the women of high ambitions and desire. She took no time to consider Karl as the spouse for the lot of money he had and so Irresistible he was.

They started dating soon after the wedding was over & got married. Earlier years were Bright and Good. Karl loved Marla, They both could not get their hands off each other. Sex was an adventure, they would stay in bed all the day long cuddling with each other. Apparently, they were never tired of each other either. He loved Her with all he had.

But hardly he knew She was the women who could never get enough of anything. Karl though in love with Marla never liked her high ambitions and Love for money. She was ignorant of the little emotions of Love, care, and affection whereas He needed nurturing of his soul. He wanted Marla to Unveil little intricacies of his unsought emotions. He needed Love. Not his body, not beauty, not sex!

Marla with Money and Standard to Live a luxurious Lifestyle was never thinking to stop with her Ambitions to outgrow the intelligence in her field. Two years passed away in the hustle while Karl became reluctant towards ignorance of Marla. He shut down his emotions and feelings by keeping himself engaged with various business dealings,he started staying outdoors most of the time. Meanwhile, Marla got pregnant with Dave.

Karl was happy to hear about this good news but was afraid that Marla may change her mind owing to her ambitions. She may not want a kid so soon. But to his surprise, he saw Marla grew more sensitive towards his needs and Feelings of Love and care started blooming in her. She wanted to have kids and was very happy to have Karl by her side.

Karl never Understood Marla, or it was Dave who changed Marla’s mind. Having a kid is the best feeling in the world, For the mother and even more for the Father. Trust me, You will know one day. Marla had never seen Karl so happy in these two years. Their Love grew immensely while Marla was going to have Dave.

Karl though had a hard time returning to his original sensitive self. He felt Marla would again turn insensitive towards the care and attention he loves.

Marla started staying home, and Karl’s happiness made her feel special. She started caring for Karl, On the other hand, Karl becomes too busy with work endeavors and prior commitments to work, saved a little time for Marla. Marla soon started feeling Ignored.

She gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, Karl and Marla named him Dave. Soon after Dave, all the ambitions of Marla came to halt. She loved Dave and wanted to spend her time in his upbringing along with Karl. She was tired of the outside world and hence was no more involved with the Hassles there. But Karl’s growing engagements made her hopeless.

One day On Visiting the Doctor for Dave’s regular checkup she met with Siwan the new Baby doctor.

“Oh my God, So beautiful” exclaimed Siwan.

“Excuse me!”, looked Marla at Siwan who stared at her like a mesmerizing View from a hilltop.

“Uh-oh,” said Siwan trying to look away from her “Beautiful Baby girl!” followed by a Sweet laughter of Marla. “It’s a Boy doc!”

……………………………………….only to be beaten like a piece of crap by his dad years Later!

                                                                                                                                           TO BE CONTINUED.

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