The Lost Lake II

Previously on The Lost Lake, you read about the Relationship between Karl and Marla gone bad. Dave becomes a victim of the Broken relationship and is frequently beaten by his Dad Karl, who disregards him as his son. Dave leaves the house Last night and is absolutely clueless about the world out there. Lets us see what the fate has in store for him.

Chapter 2

Dave is walking amidst the stars. What could a ten-year-old think while leaving the home? About how to make a life? About no money to survive? About where to go? About what to do? Nothing! He is just a ten-year-old, thinking nothing but about her sister Rebo.

He still remembers when he saw Little Rebo, the bundle of joy and cuteness. Rebo was adopted when he was Five. He loved Rebo and played all day long, someone to cherish his presence. Marla engaged with Siwan and Karl had no time for him. It was then Rebo came to his rescue.

Rebo was two when Karl and Marla adopted her. She was the daughter of Karl’s only sister who died in a car crash. She came to live with Dave ever since and bond was beyond imagination.

Dave looked at the starry sky and thought about his little bundle of Innocence. Rebo was devastated after the death of her mom. Dave became his mom and dad, he loved and pampered Rebo like his own. A mere thought of leaving her alone in the House which he never called home, frightened him. Who will look out for her when he’s gone.

Walking footsteps suddenly stopped to feel the wind of freedom, he cherished the leaves singing to the wind, the shine of the moon. He looked at the road in the darkness with a smile. He was free and he started walking taking his little footsteps to the Lake and sat there looking at the shadow of the bright stars in the clear sky.

He slept on the Lakeside and woke to a new morning, fresh and hopeful. He moved around and a bunch of guys caught his attention. The boys were in smoke and were playing in paper and white powder. He sat there observing them. One the White kid smothered powder on the paper and inhaled it intensely. The other fat kid, had the powder burnt up and was completely hazy, in a different world. He was observing them while suddenly all of them got up and headed towards the lakeside road.

Dave rose and saw papers and powder all over the grass. He picked up some granules and inhaled them. He  picked all the papers and kept it doing until he was all dizzy from the effect, and lay his arms stretched to the Sun.He closed his eyes and lay there until his head kept floating.

Dave was basking in the sun, his eyes closed and silent bird chirp in his ears. Water waves played with the wind. It was Beautiful. Marla came to the Lakeside worried, taking him in his arms, Dave woke up in fear. Looking at Marla, He saw  Karl standing behind holding Rebo’s hand. He got scared and looked at all three of them. His eyes widened in fear of being beaten by his dad again and returning to the painted and furnished house, which was never his home!

“Come on Let’s Go home Dave” she said.

A house without love is not home. He wished he could really be home someday. He saw Karl bending over. He is not angry. Instead, he is teary eyed. He hugged him and apologized for all his cruelty. Dave responded to the warmth of his father, he felt no more scared in their arms. He was so surprised and happy by this change and wanted to be there forever in that moment. Rebo by her side and Marla , Karl both in his hands. He was overwhelmed by all the love in the moment, Like a Lost and Dry Lake finally has water. Tears rolled down his warm cheeks and cried like a little baby hungry, and thirsty for his Mom and Dad.

He opened his Eyes and saw himself warm from the sun. He looked around and saw nobody there, except the burnt papers and granules of the powder!

                                                                                                                                      TO BE CONTINUED….

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