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The Day I Met You

I see him and his ruffled hair, his shirt is unbuttoned, I look at him salaciously right from his melancholic eyes, to his lips and down to his neck around his collar, unbuttoned shirt, and right down the third button where I can’t see any skin. He is immersed in the taste of my wine looking at the picture hung on the wall.

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When I lost my Virginity!

YES! This was my First time, I was really very nervous, I turned almost red when I saw him and we began our conversation, He was all Clean, Polite, Genuine and good smelling.

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Sometimes, there is never the right time, its better to be late than never.

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I want you right here, in my bed, give me a night to remember.

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You are my wish of a shooting star, I would wish for you every time it scars the sky, until the light of me merges into you, making me yours forever and ever and ever.

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The insignia of love, the love of the night, when you love someone with all your might, the universe conspires to make that happen.

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Lost Love

Sometimes, the first person that comes to my mind, every time I am happy is you and I wonder all these years later, how my heart never made room for anyone else.

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I want you on me, your lips on mine, to end the night in your arms.

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to iNFiNiTY and beyond, my love for you grows, fonder, stronger and more each day.

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I am falling short of ways to tell you every single day, you are my favourite person, I am so fond of you and I love you so dearly.

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The Choice

It is okay to take risks, it is okay to let the things be, you do not have to fix everything, maybe someone else is made for that, you are not responsible for everything in this world, maybe this was supposed to happen.