The Day I Met You

I walked past his house trying to get a glimpse of our new neighbor next door. It has been days since you came and ungraciously did not take the liberty to introduce yourself!

Had I known the day I will be meeting you is going to be THE DAY I MET YOU!

I am working late tonight. I am bored and unable to sleep, I pull my drapes and close the lights and under the shadow of the night lamp, I see you drinking past 2 in the night, you are a scotch person, the yellow light of your living room is visible through the window. I peek trying to see if there is anyone else with you. But you disappoint me, you are all by yourself, drinking to the night!

I roll into my bed trying to envisage the first meeting we will ever have if you came to my house across the street, having lost your keys in the night, and gave me a knock on the door. I am dressed in my sexy lacy red maxi, open the door for you with a glass of wine. Upon seeing you I try to behave modestly and put aside my glass of wine and cover myself with the robe that is languidly draped over my shoulders.

I look up to you and try to comprehend what made you show up at my doorstep? Waiting for you to utter a word! You see me but I keep staring at your lips, expecting them to open up to speak a word or kiss my mouth!

You stare at me staring at your lips and then you speak excruciatingly

“Hey! I lost my keys, can I have the spare one that I gave you a couple days back? I can’t get in!” your voice is deep, embarrassed to have awakened me at this time of the night but you are more worried about perturbing me in the middle of my cozy and supine wine, which is remnant in the glass beside the door table.

“Yeah, of course” I look around trying to cover myself, “Would you like to come in?” He denies looking at me desirably. I go upstairs trying to remind myself of the keys and can’t find it. I come downstairs, before I can reach the floor I look at him from the stairs and find him sitting at my couch with my wine glass in his hand, and drinking from it.

I see him and his ruffled hair, his shirt is unbuttoned, I look at him salaciously right from his melancholic eyes, to his lips and down to his neck around his collar, unbuttoned shirt, and right down the third button where I can’t see any skin. He is immersed in the taste of my wine looking at the picture hung on the wall.

I am still at the stairs and I look at him engrossed in the painting, it was a CECILY BROWN painting which I bought from a fundraiser. It was the most sensual painting there could be on erotica. There are two humans in close proximity to the wildlife among the branches and leaves. Both soul connected and intertwined with their foreheads caressing on each other and his hand over her bosom feeling her breath and heartbeat to be united in the next moment. All bare and exposed.

I looked at him and wanted to have a drink with him and feel him tonight. I went towards the kitchen counter and filled my wine glass and took the bottle to the couch and filled his glass, or my glass which was tainted with my red lips, he looks at me lasciviously.

I remove my robe and I drink with him. His hands reach my legs and he pulls me closer and in the next moment we are kissing voluptuously, I taste his wine, his tongue in my mouth, his hands on my neck and he pulls me in his arms and nibbling my neck he buries his head in my hair and I breathe passionately, his hands are all around me, all over me and my feet twitched. He clasps my hands and pulls them underneath. My fingers locked into his, he is lying over me on the couch, his shirt unbuttoned and it lies on the floor. His bare torso on me and his heart rushing, I feel his heartbeats on my breast, he kisses me wildly and my dress leaves me as he goes down from my lips, to my neck, to my breasts and I feel so aroused, he goes deeper and I lift my head off the couch and bury his head in my arms, he is kissing and licking my belly and I am losing my mind, he goes down and I lift his face and look into his eyes and we make out amorously.

I hear a knock on the door, and my imagination comes to a halt! The good part was about to happen, I got out of the bed it was half-past 3 in the middle of the night, who might be knocking? I look out the window, and you are no more drinking all by yourself, your lights are closed. You must have slept as usual and I go downstairs to reach my door.

I open my door and I see you standing there, I look at you perplexed and you stand there holding the keys to your house. You look at me and say

“Sorry to wake you up, Going for a ride to pick up my wife and children, Would you mind keeping my keys? I am your new neighbor Johan. You can call me Joe, I saw your night lamp on from the window, thought you might be working, as usual, Would you mind?” and He pulled out his hand with his keys towards me, I look at him and he is so beautiful.

I smile at him, “Sure!” He drives away in his car and I run back to my room and embrace my imagination again! I have finally met you.

Author: Onesha

She is the funny one! Has flair for drama, loves to write when happy! You might hate her first story, but maybe you’ll like the next. She is the master of words, but believes actions speak louder than words. 1sha Rastogi, founder of

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