The Lost Lake IV

Previously on The Lost Lake, you read about the relationship between Karl and Marla. Karl, a sensitive person becomes Ignorant towards growing feelings of Marla owing to Marla’s High ambitions and not giving Karl the love he wants, the attention he seeks and the care he needs.He in indulged in his business when Marla gives birth to his son Dave. Karl is too busy to pay attention to Marla and his son Dave though he Loves them with all his heart. Meanwhile, Marla meets her son’s new baby doctor Siwan. This part of the story deals with the How Siwan and Marla came close!


Dave was only a year old when Marla met Siwan, Dave’s doctor. Siwan was awestruck by Marla’s beauty and Showered her with the lots of compliments. Marla ignored them all, She loved Karl and was a woman of strong ambitions. Gradually Dave started growing up without Karl. Marla was handling all the responsibilities very well. Dave is four now.


She got a phone call,

“Am I talking to Marla?” a familiar female voice from the other side

Marla-“Yes, and You are…?” 

“Good morning Mam, This is Agatha Frank calling from Chevy Nova”

-“Hey, How are you today?”

“I am good Mam,this is regarding the Field you worked in here a few years back.”

-“Yea, is there any Issue with the Work?”

“No, but the Recent developments in the company and Vacancies through we would like to make an offer for you to rejoin us”

-“Uh-okay”  *tone changed in surprise*

“so please mam ,let me know your availability to schedule a meeting with the Members on 17th Dec”

-“Yea, Please hold on for a second”

“Yes sure ma’am. I am connected”

-“Umm, 17th is a Friday, Yes I am available”

“So you would be meeting with Grace Caroll on the Parkside Accent Avenue,Seattle on 17th December 10 am would be okay for you?”

-“Yes I look forward to this day” *smiling*

It only took a minute For Marla to keep her feelings aside and look forward to her ambitions, Was she wrong? She became involved with the firm again and started working her ambitions through her excellence of work and command over it. She came out with flying colors before and there was no one who could stop her. Karl was too busy to look into her Life, then one day He came home all shattered and mournful.

Dave saw him home early and went to him running hugging him “Daddy”

Karl hugged Dave and kept crying for hours. Marla wasn’t home. Karl’s only sister met with an accident and was no more.

Marla and Karl left the town for her burial and other Mandatory rituals. They bought Dave a gift, his little sister Rebo. Karl was very upset the next morning after returning. He woke up to find Marla nowhere in the House. He saw Mrs. Gregori working in the kitchen, and Cries of Baby Rebo, who was probably missing her mother.

Karl-“Umm Where is Marla?” 

Mrs. Gregori-“Sir, she left for work, Your Breakfast is ready”

“Hmm, thanks”

Karl went to see in the room where Rebo was, As soon as he opened the door he saw, the little baby stopped crying, He entered the room and was very happy to see Dave looking after Rebo and trying to make her giggle.

An hour later.

Dave was sitting in his Lap and the Girl was fast asleep. Karl was happy to see the two kids and decided to stay home that day. He spent the whole day with kids, remembering his own childhood Laughing and playing, narrating the stories and Picking up all possible games and toys they could play. He ate with them forgetting about her demised sister for awhile.

The day passed and the clock struck 10 at night. Suddenly the doorbell rang.

Karl who just made the kids sleep in bed after narrating them the bedtime story closed the door with utmost care and came to attend the doorbell.

It was Marla. Karl was relieved to see her face. He hugged her at the entrance and he remained in her arms speaking nothing. Karl started crying in her arms.He was looking for her from the moment he woke up. He was mourning her demised sister, feeling himself guilty for not taking out time for her or for his own kid. He wanted to apologize for everything and wanted to make amends. His tears broke all the barriers , he had laid on his thoughts and feelings. He could not say anything. He gathered the courage to speak and leaving Marla from his embrace, held her beautiful face in both her hands, tucking her hair flick behind the ear, he looked past her and saw Siwan standing at the door behind her.

                                                                                                                                       ….TO BE CONTINUED

Season 1 comes to an end for the Lost Lake, Season 2 will be out in December. Take care until then, Stay tuned to the Same place. Read exclusively on

Season 2 The Lost Lake

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