Season 2 The Lost Lake

Previously on the Lost Lake, you read about a child who became the victim of domestic violence. His parents are undergoing a bad relationship phase and as a result Dave, the child is beaten up which changes his little mind to run away and never come back. His little sister is way too small to be left alone in the house with fights and remorse. Karl and Marla, his parents are up to no good and the child falls prey to drugs.



Dave rose and saw papers and powder all over the grass. He picked up some granules and inhaled them. He picked all the papers and kept it doing until he was all dizzy from the effect, and lay his arms stretched to the Sun.He closed his eyes and lay there until his head kept floating.

Dave was basking in the sun, his eyes closed and silent bird chirp in his ears. Water waves played with the wind. It was Beautiful. Marla came to the Lakeside worried, taking him in his arms, Dave woke up in fear. Looking at Marla, He saw Karl standing behind holding Rebo’s hand. He got scared and looked at all three of them. His eyes widened in fear of being beaten by his dad again and returning to the painted and furnished house, which was never his home!

Come on Let’s Go home Dave,” she said.

A house without love is not home. He wished he could really be home someday. He saw Karl bending over. He is not angry. Instead, he is teary eyed. He hugged him and apologized for all his cruelty. Dave responded to the warmth of his father, he felt no more scared in their arms. He was so surprised and happy by this change and wanted to be there forever in that moment. Rebo by her side and Marla , Karl both in his hands. He was overwhelmed by all the love in the moment, Like a Lost and Dry Lake finally has water. Tears rolled down his warm cheeks and cried like a little baby hungry, and thirsty for his Mom and Dad.

He opened his Eyes and saw himself warm from the sun. He looked around and saw nobody there, except the burnt papers and granules of the powder!


That was a mere dream, He woke up and sat there in the warmth of the sun, He closed his eyes trying to reimagine the dreams and started playing the scenes of his little self with his mother and father.

The poor little kid could not remember the visuals and opened his eyes in disappointment. He started searching around for more powder paper granules to inhale to go back to the Wishful dream. His dreams were finally better than the reality. He rose up from the ground and went to look out for the bunch of kids smoking the stuff earlier this day.

He ran towards the road leaving the Lake behind to a nearby church where a lot of school kids were leaving for home. He was a smart boy, He saw the uniform of the boys and figured out those kids probably study here, he tried to remember the fat kid and the other who was burning the powder but could not recognize the faces. He saw every kid passing by, running towards their parents, hugging and holding hands to go Home.

He was taken back into his dream, he wanted to feel the warmth of his father again, his mother. He wanted to go back to sleep, to his dream, to his mom and dad. He hopelessly wandered like a lost boy and went inside the church.

He sat there on a wooden bench and started staring at the apostle of Mother Mary holding baby Jesus. He was remembered of a group picture hanging in his room with Karl and Marla.

The priest saw a little lonely boy who stared at the apostle. He looked around and found no one except him. He went to the little cute boy whose extremely fair face was sunkissed and had a few bruises.

Priest- “What are you looking at?”

Dave- “I am scared, My parents must be looking out for me, They haven’t found me yet.”

Why are you here?” said the priest observing the bruised face

To see Mother Mary,” said Dave to the priest blinking looking towards the paper in his hand.

Why don’t you go Back son?” gently caressing Dave’s head and hair which were ruffled.

There were a long pause and Dave could not speak, He rose up and went out of the church.

The pause, the silence was heartbreaking, the priest took a sigh and knew the poor kid was tortured and lonely. Probably from his parents. He went to the window and saw Dave walking clumsily towards the Lake while he chanted the prayers to bless the kid.

Dave was famished and knew not what to do. He was remembered of Rebo whom he used to give Cookies from Mrs. Gregori to eat. Suddenly He started missing Rebo, He was walking down the lane while his steps turned towards his house.

Mom and Dad don’t care.” a mind full of innocence was filled with sadness. The heavy steps stopped in front of the House and the door opened.

Dave slept in tears that night, still famished and yearning for the warmth of his parents Love.

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The Lost Lake 2

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