Yellow Rose II

Previously on Yellow Rose, you read about Jen who was narrating his Love about Jeremy to us, How he loved her but never expressed his love but it was evident in all forms to Jeremy. Jeremy, the little Jerry of Jen is married while Jen meets someone.

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I was leaving my Recording studio when she was standing across the road with a grey coat in her hand. I still don’t remember how did I recognise her from across the road and it was really her. I stood there for about 10 minutes trying to reason and recollect the memories I had of her. It has been several years after her marriage since we met. She moved away from the town.I stepped forward to cross the road when I stopped. The thought of her never being mine crossed my mind. I Turned to the same road. I started walking towards my home disgusted at all her memories that were unnecessarily coming back since I saw her across the road.

I started running to reach home, more importantly from my own trail of thoughts, from long forgotten love of Jeremy. I had buried all the love under various closets of my mind and threw the key in the sea of Restlessness.  

Seeing her today I was afraid, She was no more the same person whom I loved hopelessly. She scared me today. I wanted to run away from her, from those moments in which I was trying to recognize her today. I don’t want her back in my life. It has been a crazy and traumatic hustle ever since she left. I was unable to breathe at the mere thought of her in front of me again and me breaking down while I refrained all these years.  

I somehow managed to be alive without her containing all her love in my heart and Made it understand a hell lot of things that Only a heart in love can feel.

How I managed not to break down and  think about her in everything. It was so hard to love and not get it back. But I did it. I was strong, Seeing her made me weak. I lost my control over myself. 
I loved her and I was helpless. Hopeless. Tears kept me awake the whole Night.

I left the house early in the morning scared and distracted, uncomfortable in all the senses. I walked towards the recording studio.
As soon as I entered my ears went deaf hearing her voice!

“Hey, are you Jen?” I didn’t react for a minute and started thinking what Should I do? The voice was hers, she was probably standing behind waiting for me to turn and say what? She expected me to smile at her? Look at her ? What? How did I know it was her?

A warm hand at my shoulders brought me back there, I turned around and saw her face Smiling like a . . . . I don’t have words. My lips were open in dismay. My eyes were red in surprise. I did not  blink for an hour. I guess I was not breathing either. Everything stopped. That moment, that moment stopped. Time stopped. I saw her. Her.

“You will have some water, Mr. Jen” said the author with compassion pausing his recording tape.

Jen nodded trying to settle his throat filled with tears and he drank Glass a water. Jen continued.

She hugged me like she always did. She bounced at me Smiling and laughing like a little Jerry. I smelled her heavenly tresses so soft. I cried hugging her at that moment. When she left me my nose was red. But her cheeks turned so pink. She was so happy. So so Happy.
*tear drops from Jen’s eyes*

“Where were you? I waited for you here since last evening” said Jeremy

“Let us go to Cafe” this was all I could say.
We went to the cafe and then she told me she was the mother of two kids. Twins they were. She kept talking like she always loved too. Hardly she knew she had put me in such a trouble. She asked about me and my wife!

I nodded sadly. I looked at her and she asked 
“You didn’t marry? You are kidding me”, I again nodded sadly. 

I started staring at the cafe table and suddenly all her talks became quiet and all her cheerful smile and laugh went away. I looked up and saw her. 

I asked her “Why were you waiting for me? Why are you here?”

She didn’t say anything. “What’s wrong?”  I said sadly but concerned.

“He was right. You loved me didn’t you?”
Said she with all her happiness gone away.

I looked at the table, already destroyed, scared, Broken and Spent.

What happens next? Will Jen ever get Jeremy? About whom is Jeremy talking about? Why has she come here to meet Jen? 

In the next episode and the last same time, the same place
                                                                                                ….. TO BE CONTINUED

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