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Night Escape

You take me to your car, you are chivalrous, you open the car door for me. I sit carefully with my wet black heels, holding my red dress trying not to besmirch your car floor and you close the door for me. I am a little nervous and guilty, feeling you have to drop me off, no matter whatever your plans are for the night, or for the weekend, or for tomorrow, or that you have to drive an extra mile for me.

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The high and low of these roads, hair flutter with the winds. I choke on happiness and guilt, Of living…

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Yellow Rose II

A warm hand at my shoulders brought me back there, I turned around and saw her face Smiling like a . . . . I don’t have words. My lips were open in dismay. My eyes were red in surprise. I did not ┬áblink for an hour. I guess I was not breathing either. Everything stopped. That moment, that moment stopped. Time stopped. I saw her.