Yellow Rose III

Previously on Yellow Rose, you read about Jen’s encounter with Jeremy who waited the whole evening for Jen. Jen who loved Jeremy immensely is finding it hard to see the love of his Heart flooding again and is unable to understand how to deal with all the emotions and he sits and stares sadly at the Cafe table unable to answer Jeremy’s Question 

“He was right. You loved me didn’t you?”

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She kept looking at me waiting for me to say something. I sadly sat there with nothing on my mind but those two years of friendship where I lived and lost my Life. The years I was his Tom & she my Jerry, the Happiest I have ever been in all my Life. I smiled when those moments came back to me. I use to gaze at her like a notorious kid and pretended to tickle her when she would run away all laughing and save herself from me like a Jerry running all the way from the house to the garden. We laughed, We shouted, We were Restless and danced like kids in the funniest way possible to the sad songs.

I suddenly started Laughing in front of her in the cafe still staring at the table. I don’t know, Sitting there sadly what came to my mind,  I got up from my chair and came to another side of the table where she was sitting and started tickling her neck. The cafe burst out with her laughter and she ran away laughing and hopping again. I ran after her to the streets, overjoyed with her. Running past the street, hopping, Jumping and diving I am behind Jerry. 

Gosh! She is still a Jerry, so Fast, she would turn around and give me glimpses of her everlasting beautiful smile and the cheeky grin. She would make stupid faces and would bubble up her cheeks all like Jerry and kept running. She squinted her eyes and that tongue gesture just to make me run faster to catch her. This has always been her favourite.  I wondered is she really A mother, or Kids might be her Mother then. They must be Too cute. I wanted to meet them.

She has not grown a bit old in these years. Though I looked different, The sudden outburst of Life started flowing in my Veins. All the world became Happy. I am running like a kid in the streets and people are rushing behind me. *Laughing*

For autographs. I was busy catching My Jerry. She hid herself behind the balloon seller, but she still could be seen, and Why not After all she was the mother of two kids now. She ran away again, her Orange scarf flowing with her Brown Tresses. Suddenly sun started shining brightly as ever as I saw her on the very first day. The street became colourful as she passed them spreading her bubbly vibes all over. She took another Turn and is shouting 

“Catch me, Catch me Tom C’mon” when all the crowd caught me and surrounded me with the paper and pen to sign them an Autograph. I escaped them crawling like a Pup and ran away, All the happiness and energy flowing in. She, Her vibes, Laughter and happiness was so contagious. She was some sort of Magic. Her cheeks are pink again. I finally Caught her after about running an hour. She is breathless and Bursting with Laughter. I Grab and Hugged her closely all out of breath, Feeling each drop of my blood and evey inch of her. She is all wrapped up in My arms. I can feel her Heartbeats, her heavenly smell. Her every breath. Her happiness. Her Joy. My Jerry. I stood there So relaxed, So peaceful, So in Love with her.

“I love You Jerry” and finally I spoke still hugging her with nothing in my mind, no fear and no courage those words came so easy, Breaking all the barriers and locked doors of my heart and Inhibitions. “I love you so much”. She didn’t say anything and grabbed me more closely her cheeks grazes against me and her heartbeats are still in rush. 

After a while she unwraps her self from the warm hug and  Looked at me smiling like my old Jerry. She Slapped me, My eyes suddenly shifted from her smile to the concrete pavement of the road. Holding my cheek with my hand I looked at her.

“I always proved him wrong That you Didn’t love me but all this time Casper was always right. You loved me” and she is annoyed at being proved wrong. She has folded her arms in rage. Casper was her husband.

Behind her was a florist selling Roses so fresh and tender, He also had some Yellow roses. I quickly picked one for her. Yellow was her Favourite color, she looked so Bright in Yellow. She stood there and I bent on my Knees With the Yellow Rose but what to say? to say sorry for loving her? I searched my Mind for words, I have no words, I already told her I loved her now. Now what?  I saw her face she was annoyed looking at me. My mind came back to its trail of thoughts. She … What is she thinking? What am I supposed to say? Why is she here? Why was she waiting here the whole Night?  I looked up and saw her face burn with rage. Her arms still folded.  I was thinking all this when She grabbed my hand. My eyes looked past her Hand, There was no Ring. Where is her Wedding Ring? I looked at her perplexed.

“Get Up, Hurry Up”  she said and I realised People crowding near me and Flashes.

“Will You Marry me?” I spoke in a sudden outrush and She grabbed both my hands and shouted

“Get up You idiot” and took the rose  in her hand and my hand in another started  running from all the crowd Cheering Loudly there.

We hid Ourselves in the shed few blocks away all out of breath. I was catching my Breath panting heavily and I heard her muttering something ,

“What?” I asked “What Happened” still trying to breath normal from all the running and her annoyance

“I’ll Marry you” she said and hugged me. My eyes opened wide in surprise. “Wait! what did you just say?”

She didn’t say anything and kept breathing in my arms wrapped there. I again started thinking What is this going on in a sweet surprise & started Laughing.

“The rest of the Story I know” said the Author closing the recording tape. “Thank you Mr. Jen for telling us your Love story” 

I shook hands with the Author and came outside the room. On the sofa were sitting all four of them. Jerry, My twins and a little Jerry. My Jerries!


                                                                                    What happened to Casper? To the readers 😉 


Author: Onesha

She is the funny one! Has flair for drama, loves to write when happy! You might hate her first story, but maybe you’ll like the next. She is the master of words, but believes actions speak louder than words. 1sha Rastogi, founder of

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