Yellow Rose I

After the amazing response from the readers for the Break-Up series, I am launching another season of the Series Story. This time on my blog read a Romantic Thriller about Jen who is in love with Jeremy but could never have her. Who is Jen? Why can’t he Have Jeremy?

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Before you proceed into the Series, let me brief about this one. Here is the monologue of Jen who loves Jeremy and is Narrating his world of emotions inside out. Read on what he has to say..

I walked past the road where I have been for the last four years singing, and received tremendous cheering from the crowd.

I found her in one such concert on a bright sunny day while performing one of the favourite Sufi songs of the area. It was so nice to know when people wait for your concert and have a special song to be heard in my voice. Though not a famous artist, I felt like I was a Grammy winner singer and band player.

I don’t perform on the streets anymore. It happened in the same year I met and fell in love with her on that very bright sunny day. She was the lucky lady love of my life. Cheering me amongst the crowd she was such a sight to see. Totally blessing in disguise. My music was so fulfilling in her presence.

She went away, I moved to a different venue of  performance. She was out of my mind when months later I was in that area again at Christmas buying some pastries. When I saw her in queue lost in music, in her own element. I don’t know how I recognised her, She was so beautiful, I cannot describe how I felt looking at her, completely helpless.  I picked up my packet and holding my guitar was about to leave when a boy probably one of the band fans greeted me Merry Christmas and requested to play for him. The whole cafe filled with loud claps and I grabbed a chair and sang for 10 minutes gazing at that beautiful masterpiece. She had Kohl eyes and a mole near the upper lip Her brown tresses were complementing her look. The nose ring and big Dome earpieces made her look like a total goddess.

Santa was generous this Christmas he gave me her but as a friend.

Her name was Jeremy, I nicknamed her as Jerry. For about two years we were like Tom and Jerry hard to live without and totally mad at each other. We played a lot, our friendship came with so many Joys and so many me gazing her like Cupid moments and hugs. She loved to hug. It was more than friendship less than a Love bond. Something I called Life.

Today is her marriage. I am here gazing at her beautiful face and Smiling cheering at me. The same old road where I met her for the first time. I moved away to reach her house. My Jerry requested a performance at her marriage.

I reached there heavy hearted and found her taking everyone’s breath away. I gazed at her in total amazement. She the bubblegum like always was adoring all the attention and was rocking her bridal look like a little Jerry. My Jerry.

The last day I am calling her mine. Tonight she will leave to be someone’s else. My eyes could not cry and tears kept floating all over.  I started singing as she came out in alluring bridal look across the hallway bidding her the goodbye.

I watched her becoming his and my mouth filled with tears and heart heavy with love I prayed for her well being and I lost her. She had known always I loved her so much. I had been gazing her throughout her marriage. She could feel my love for her and had always had.

But I let her go, I never told her how much I loved her. I never told her. She knew, from the start, She felt it, from the start. She never said a word.

My music had her, my words had her, my blood had her, every waking thought had her, every day had her, everything had her. She was everywhere. I found her living inside my voice, my guitar strings. She was in the tune, she was the song.

I still cannot forget the day she told me about her marriage in such a fucked up face. I nodded and she went expressionless. Her weighed down eyelashes and pink cheeks were not bubbly today. She knew she was going to give me a heartbreak for life. She went away leaving me paralysed. I nodded and accepted her Choice.

Days had been hard ever since then, I could not face the harshness with which love of mine started confronting me. I loved her too much for her to handle. It was hard for eyes to let go of her sight.

It took me a month to cry and accept that She is lost. By the time I started recording songs in the studio and became a popular singer. My band got praise for every song we gave and it would top the chartbusters. All for her. Jerry. Umm Jerry. Just Jerry. Still My Jerry.

Tears rolled down everyone’s eyes who listened to those songs. She was the song. She was my voice. She was worth crying for. I cried in every song, in every concert, in every bed and each moment.

My face went expressionless and lost in the music when they gave me the recognition of many awards. I always had her. It was so painful to not think about her, her hugs. I still hug myself thinking about her. She was such a joy.

I became restless. I watched kung-fu panda and it reminded me of her. Such cuteness. I am laughing right now. Thinking about her only. I had lost my inner peace. My soul searched for the salvation, I searched for the releasing my soul to find my comfort, which was long lost when I lost her.

It was then I met her, not her but her.

Who did Jen meet? Did Jeremy love Jen? In the next Episode tomorrow same time, same place!

                                                                                                                                    ….TO BE CONTINUED

 Yellow Rose II  

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