Hot Chocolate

Cupid is wandering in the night and sees Paige scribbling in her daily Journal. Cupid pulls out his arrow and reaches over Paige’s shoulder and starts reading her personal notes.

“Hi” read a text from Rainer.

I looked at my notification and was surprised by Rainer texting me. I wondered how a good-looking guy like you ended up in my inbox? I have known you for quite a long time, but we never talked much.

I would just see you around on random occasions and wish each other. You were charming and poised. I never saw you well until one day I saw you! Actually saw you and it has been never the same since then.

I respond with something stupid and you are witty, you reply something funny and I laugh.

I just shake it off, feeling you are bored and you have no one to talk to, so whenever you text, I talk to you and sleep on it.

Until it became a habit and we are talking every alternate day and night, without me knowing, you are taking up most of my time and thoughts. I talk about random things with you and you make every sentence funny, and funny things funnier. I am amazed at how little I know about you.

I still shake it off, thinking, it means nothing and randomly daydreaming about our meeting. It’s not like we cannot meet, or that you don’t want to meet. You have been asking to meet and I also have been doing the let’s meet thing without the intention of actually meeting you.

You sometimes call me and invite me over to your place, for random snacking out, or just for hitting the gym together, it’s me, I don’t understand why would anybody be interested in going out with me to any freaking place. Especially you, who is way out of the league for me.

I never think of dating you. You are humble and sweet. I don’t know if guys like you actually exist, so I want to stay friends.

Good Night!

Paige closes her journal and Cupid puts his arrow back in the bouquet and flies off the window to find Rainer, thinking of shooting at least an arrow today.

Cupid is now sitting on Rainer’s window.

Rainer is thinking about texting Paige, Cupid flies over to Rainer to find out what is going on. He sits on Rainer’s shoulders and looks into the bright digital screen to read his texts to Paige.

Paige – “Did you eat?” *casually*

Rainer – “Yes, hours ago”

Paige- “What?”

Rainer – “Cottage cheese in Pesto Sauce.”

Paige- “I am hungry!” *Looking for something to eat*

Rainer- “lol” *foodie*

Paige-“I’ll invite over myself to your place to taste it.” *How cool of me!*

Rainer -“Do let me know before coming, I will get something delicious prepared for you.” *A little flirting is good for health, also I will clean up my place*


Rainer – “Let’s go out to eat something, I am hungry.” *I am really hungry now*

Paige – “What and where?” *I am not going out*

Rainer – “There is no place nearby, where can we go” *thinking*

Paige – “We can grab a hot chocolate or maybe tea?.” *I don’t even wanna go out, why would I write this?*

Rainer – “Sure, Let me come pick you, we can go now” *I ll take her to Rose Street, Downtown on my Scooty*

No reply. Rainer is waiting for her text!

Cupid looks in love at Rainer and leaves the house, and goes out in the sky, trying to catch the love frequency in the air, moving towards Paige’s house fluttering the magic in his wings, sad by the love missing.

Paige is fast asleep, cupid looks at her with his little hands on the window and he pulls out the arrow from the bouquet and hits Paige in her heart.

He pulls out another besotted arrow, flying with the magic, with love rushing in his cheeks, shoots Rainer.

Next Morning

Paige is scribbling her journal again.

Rainer is asking me for Hot chocolate. Why would he ask me that, because I am so stupid to ask him about it. I slept before I could say something. How to deny him, What to say? Why would I say those things, I don’t even mean to say?

Paige closes her journal.

Few Days Later

Cupid Returns

Paige is scribbling in her journal, Cupid sits over her shoulder and reads,

One night things turned around and My feelings for you changed forever. I never knew that night would be the best night of my life.

Paige stops scribbling and is reliving the day again, and cupid enters her world of thoughts.

I was standing on my roof wearing my red hoodie with a cream-colored cap. The sky was awfully clear it might snow in a few days. Christmas is in a few weeks and I am looking at the brightest star in the sky. The night is lit up more than before, there is a deep blue color in the sky. I am feeling the chilly breeze and the wind sends shivers down my spine.

The moon is shining, radiating magic and casting spells everywhere. I open my mouth and make a smoke cloud and wrap myself with my arms around me. Stars are wide awake and they sparkle, air is invigorating, intoxicated by the heavenly odor of the Night Jasmine. I am thinking about you and laughing thinking about our little conversations.

I am enjoying walking under the celestial sky and just when I look downstairs, I see you. You are standing outside and I see your face, that warm face. I see you calling someone and my phone rings. I see Rainer flashing over my cell’s screen with your picture in a white shirt. You look hot and I don’t answer and my heartbeats are rushing haphazardly. I look around me and find a place to hide and you see me upstairs with my mouth open in dismay. You look happy to see me and I cannot understand what is happening all of a sudden, I am so drawn towards you. Your smile piercing my heart and I feel numb. You wave at me, hello and my hand raises to greet you.

You call me downstairs. I smile at you and as I rush down the flight of stairs, I look at myself in the mirror on the wall along the stairs. I adjust my hair, cheeks, and dress. I come outside nervously. He is looking better than the last we ever met and his hair covers some of his forehead, his cheeks and nose are red, from the chilly winter breeze. His brown eyes are smiling at me.

I am looking at your pretty face and you look fairer than the particles sitting on your eyelashes. Wait.. I look around and it begins to snow, I look up and there is snow dust falling everywhere. Snow particles start settling around on the bushes, shrubberies, and falling down on the sand. I look at you and you are smiling looking up at the sky and dusting off the snow from your face. I am smitten by you.

You wear your helmet and ask me “Let’s Go”. I grab your hand and sit behind you keeping my hand over your shoulders mesmerized.

“Where are we going?” I ask you. You have taken my breath away and everything around looks miraculous.

I look at people coming outside and at their windows looking at the first fall of the season. Happiness spread across the faces. The lights glitter and snow dust is floating around. It’s snowing and I am riding with you. I feel cold and your warmth in the perpetual moment. The chilly breeze makes me freeze and you’re melting me away. I am spellbound and overwhelmed.

We reach Rose street, Downtown and there is a hot chocolate, coffee, and bagel station around the corner. You walk with me, we both look at each other and I grab both my arms and cross them feeling cold. There are clear lights and bits of snow dropping like fairy dust. It settles on my red sweatshirt and upon my open brown hair. I look at you, you remove your helmet and remove the snow off your mustard sweatshirt. You are tall and I am just reaching your shoulders. We are at the hot chocolate station, and I smile coyly at you looking everywhere except you.

“Hot Chocolate or Coffee?”

You ask me with euphoric eyes and a smile to die for. I nod my head and you order two hot chocolates and come near me looking at the trees nearby, looking like trees of snow dust and light streaming through them, dispersing orange lights. You look at the alluring sky, rubbing your hands together and I see you thrilled by the halo, there are a few people laughing and enjoying their hot drink nearby and someone playing a song on their phone on the opposite end of the road.

♩♫♭ Rewrite the Stars -Zac efron, Zendaya

The song plays and it makes me wonder, how can this be happening all dreamy and I am captivated by you, by the universe. You bring me my Hot chocolate and we drink together. Your chilled face gets a little warmer and I am looking at you fascinated taking sips of the creamy hot chocolate cup.

We sit down on the bench nearby and I hold my hot cup with my fingers wrapped against it.

“Beautiful today?” you say sipping your hot chocolate.

I nod my head and look at your beautiful face, which looks ethereal. I put my warm hands on your cheeks to remove the snow dust and wipe it away, you turn towards me, and I giggle, I remove all the snow dust off your face, from your nose, my fingers working their way from your lips, cheeks, forehead, and hair. You close your eyes and I delicately brush my fingers off your lashes.

You open your eyes and they meet mine. I look at you and I forget to blink, Your hand comes towards me, all warm from touching the hot chocolate and you tuck my hair behind my ear. I look at your fingers and you remove them, I sip my hot chocolate and my heartbeats are rushing fast making me go red.

I take a deep breath and a smoke cloud forms as I breathe and sip my hot chocolate whose aroma smells creamy and delectable. You are looking at me and I can see you looking at me, even though I am not looking at you, and I shiver.

“Feeling cold?” I nod to your compassion and you grab your helmet and say warmly, “Let’s get you home!” I look at you in love and I walk behind you throwing away the empty hot chocolate cup, which I wanna keep as our first meeting memory.

You sit and I sit behind you and you drive away in the snowy night and orange lights shining overhead with the starry moonlit sky. I feel the chilly cold breeze and snow dust turns dense and it starts snowing better. I get close to you and hold your back, resting my cheeks against your back. You pull my arms closer and wrap them against your torso and you ride with me hugging you close. I feel warm and I hold you snugger. You smell nice and you ride me back from the longest way back home. I can’t feel my legs and hands move from your torso to your sweatshirts pocket and I can’t feel my hands either. I feel love for you and my heartbeats are racing as you ride faster and I cling to you.

I close my eyes and I see your face, your exquisite face. You slow down the scooty and it’s home. You withdraw yourself from my embrace and I get off your scooty and you remove your helmet. I instantly hug you and you hug me tighter. You don’t let me go and I wrap myself around you. After minutes of hugging you in this first snow, I look at you and you are looking at me and in the close proximity of our smoke clouds, I sense your warmth and you bring your lips close to the corner of my mouth and I lock them with mine. I kiss your soft lips and want to kiss them all my life.

You hold me with your arms around me and you kiss me passionately, your lips touching every inch of my lips and I savor chocolate in your mouth making me ecstatic. I feel warm and I want to stay in your arms.

You kiss me and you peck my cheek with your lips.

“See you tomorrow!” you smile and I wave you goodbye, tucking my hair behind and as you leave, I also rush inside. I go upstairs and see you going away on your ride back until you disappear at the corner of the street. My hoodie and hands smell like you. I hug myself and I am lying in bed thinking about our first hot chocolate date. I can’t sleep and I look at pictures of you.

My phone rings and your name flashes Rainer with cute little red hearts Calling…

Cupid pats himself on the back and pulls an arrow out of the bouquet to find another Paige and Rainer.

Author: Onesha

She is the funny one! Has flair for drama, loves to write when happy! You might hate her first story, but maybe you’ll like the next. She is the master of words, but believes actions speak louder than words. 1sha Rastogi, founder of

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