I wake up to the beautiful sunrise, I pull off the white satin curtains and the morning rays greet me with warmth and sunshine.

I look at the stretch of the sea and the lush greenery of the small hill nearby, I walk out of the room, to my balcony and listen to the waves crashing the shore, the sound so melodious, the sea breeze and a beautiful day. I return back to the room and find you lying in bed, turned upside down, basking in the golden light of the sun, you look perfect, your tresses on your shoulders and you smirking from the white sheets beneath. I see your soft shoulders, your feet twitching in the white blanket as you look at me and your eyes call me back to bed.

I decline the salacious offer and you stuff your face in the pillow and again your face rises a little, watching me with your side eyes pretending to look out the window. I see your eyes looking at my army cargo shorts and I know you are hungry!

I grab my shirt, crocs, and go outside to the food villa for ordering our breakfast in bed, to bring you your favorite waffles. I would rather do that by the intercom, but I would like to surprise you, just like the last night.

I order the instructions for the breakfast menu, just the way you like it. Crunchy outside, warm and soft inside, topped with fruits, berries, cream, and maple syrup along with a dash of Nutella and garnished with powdered sugar and cherry on the top along with some mouth-watering delicacies.

I return to our beautifully built wooden hut facing the seashore and see you sleeping. Watching you sleep has been the favorite time of my day, you look so innocent, quiet and if love had a face it would be you.

I switch on my camera and I click some beautiful pictures of you. I zoom the lenses and get a close picture of your face resting on the quilt. I again reset the balance and capture in the frame your mane, your glowy forehead, your closed eyes and curled lashes, your sculpted nose, your chubbed cheek resting on the pillow, and other covered with your brown hair, your lips curved in a slight smile, your chin, and neck covered in the golden rays of the sun, partially overlaying your face with the lite caramel wooden background of the hut.

You wake up with me shuttering you and your hazel eyes radiate the sun rays back, and I shutter one more snap in microseconds and you cover yourself up, you manage your hair, all falling down on your bare body and I manage to click some natural and golden glowy pictures of your hands in hair, sitting up and jumping off the bed.

You grab your sheets and start running around me barefoot on the wooden floor. My white unbuttoned shirt has you turned on. You grab me, and I hold your back and camera in the other with lips in your mouth. You kiss me deeply, my both hands around you and the camera strap leaves my hand. It touches the floor with the only sheet you are wearing.

You are kissing me and your delicate hands on my neck, your other hand leaves the sheets you are holding and you put your hands in my hair. You cling to me all bare and I throw away the camera to the soft cushiony bed where I spent the entire night savoring you, making you moan and wanting me more.

I hold your back tightly and you refuse to give up, you remove my shirt and start kissing my neck, I am caressing your neck with the tip of my nose and kissing your ear. Your hair smells heavenly. You go on leaving moist imprints all over me and I am breathing in your embrace. I am in love with you and your hands all over me loosen with the knock on the door.

You look at me all bare and with your eyes glowing with the golden rays, you turn around and grab your sheets again and I see your cute tushy as you wrap yourself in the sheets and walk towards the balcony. I open the door and let the breakfast carrier being served inside the room. I pick my camera up and roll through the pictures. I wish the service boy and ask him about his day, he greets me well and leaves us for the waffle.

I bring the breakfast to you on the balcony, hiding my camera, you hug me and I again breathe through your hair and kiss you on your cheeks. You come inside and put your clothes on. I look at the sea glittering in the sun rays and you sit beside me, and just as you open up the breakfast tray you are delighted and Your eyes lit up and I capture your open mouth with the big eyes like a cute little kid.

You grab your waffle and you lick your fingers off the maple syrup and I capture you in the frame along with your high hair updo and pink T-shirt. You look at me tired of all the shuttering and I keep the camera aside, you come towards me and let me have a bite and kiss my cheek and my lips, I kiss you back and I can taste all the toppings inside your mouth. I lift you up in my arms and close the balcony door behind us to eat my favorite waffle in bed.

Author: Onesha

She is the funny one! Has flair for drama, loves to write when happy! You might hate her first story, but maybe you’ll like the next. She is the master of words, but believes actions speak louder than words. 1sha Rastogi, founder of 1shablog.com.

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