Right One

I find him annoying, he is the most popular guy around here, girls crushing over him. I look at him, he is hot headed, always ready to fight and throws girl around like objects. Girls find bad guys hot and good guys are always friend zoned!

I close the novel, and search for another one on the book stall fair. I pick another one, whose cover looks mysterious. I open it and read

It has been months since I called. There has been no update from him. His social media has been lying low for about a year and I have no contact with him. I wonder how is he now, is he alright, does he miss me, does he think about me, was he the one?

I roll my eyes the same bullshit in every romantic novel I read, it has been an hour since I have been looking for my perfect read. I take a sigh of boredom, having shuffled through a lot of new pages, reading all the cringy stuff, I have read, reread a thousand times.

I adjust my glasses, playing with my hair, and pursed lips, going through all the sections, bookworms, avid readers, looking for their favorite books and possible options. It is always fun to visit a book fair, faces are lost in the books, their authors, covers, speaking nothing, their eyes going from one sentence to the other moving from the back pages to the front. It was always gauche girls and geeky guys.

Whenever I looked at a hot guy finding his pick, I thought it would be someone looking to date some girl that would be such an unusual combination. Hot outgoing guy with an introvert geek that’s me! I shake off my thoughts and move towards another book counter.

There is a girl on that counter reading a book that read “Mistakes: The secret affair” I am intrigued. I pick a copy and read.

She is looking at me and I knew at that moment, she is the one I have always wanted. It was her charm, it was her. I am sure, I have never been so sure about anyone, or anything in my life. I grab her, and she looks at me, kissing on my lips. I savor her defiant mouth and ….

I look up, and she puts the book in her billing carriage. She is very poised. I close the book and keep it in my carriage, following her around the fest. She is reading a book, randomly looking up for the genres, and her blue eyes scuffling through the sections.

I have never seen blue eyes in person, she leaves me awestruck and this is the first time I ever picked up someone in the book fair. I follow her up to the billing counter and stand behind her in the line, pretending and enacting not to look like a weirdo.

There is a very good-looking hot guy named Devon billing the books giving the receipts and some cool bookmarks to the readers. She is just ahead of me in the line. I look towards her bag, her cellphone, anything to get to know her name. She gets the books billed and I wish it is a card with her name on it. She pays in cash! Devon wraps up the books in the paper bag printed with some cool quotes

“I love the smell of book ink in the morning.”

I show myself out with a bill of ₹3682. Yes books are costly! I bought 4 of them and added Mistakes with Ms Blue eyes.

She is walking and talking to someone on her phone. It’s an iPhone, she walks out of the Grand Book Fest out on the roads. I am intently following her, and she crossed the road, walking up to the subway station. I walk behind her to board the train and sit in the same coach looking at her from the corner of my eyes. 7 stations later, she picks her stuff up and is ready to deboard. I look here and there, waiting for her to not notice I’m getting off the same station. I wait for her to get off and just microseconds away before the door closes, I rush to grab the door and climb off. Saving myself, breathing heavily, puffing air. I release some deep breaths out of my mouth and walk towards the exit.

She walks down the subway, boarding an e-rickshaw, rickshaw puller calling out for a peculiar place I have never heard of, I hid myself behind the shops nearby looking at the stuff, and as soon as her rickshaw is full, I board the one behind her. Her face lightened up with the brightness of her iPhone. Her e-rickshaw moves, and I sit there in mine waiting like a fool to get her followed. After 5 minutes, I wish for the e-rickshaw to move restlessly.

Nope universe doesn’t want me to meet her. I fidget with my phone, looking at the farthest possible to never having it leave my view, takes another 5 to actually move and I have already lost her! Lights and shadow fills the road as it moves and cool air is brushing against my face, I am looking towards the road to find her, wishing she hasn’t gotten far away.

A few minutes later I see her e-rickshaw stopped to drop off a passenger. I pass her and now she is behind me. I ask the e-rickshaw to stop, I pay the fare and I wait alongside the road waiting for her e rickshaw to reach me. I keep waiting and looking at the road, praying I can find something about her today. I find her e-rickshaw stopping in front of me, rickshaw puller asking where I want to go, and there is only a seat left, thanks to the passenger who just got off earlier!

I speak nothing and sit in front of her on the vacant seat. She is listening to songs, and she hardly notices. I keep sitting until everyone in the rickshaw gets off. It’s her and me. I am looking at her from the corner of my eyes, looking around.

“Grand Book Fest, Wow!” she exclaims

And I hear her voice. I am struck and I shift apprehensively, I am holding the paper bag which read

Books are a uniquely portable magicwith the GBF(Grand Book Fest) logo

My lips are parted in surprise. My eyebrows lifted and I look at her face. She points towards my paper bag full of books.

I lift the bag and chuckle nervously.

“Yeah!” this is all I could speak.

“I am also coming from there, where do you live?” she asks me, I look at her thinking of the place.

“Just a few more minutes!” I manage to speak, not to sound ridiculous and creep following her all the way down here.

She smiles and I see her hand coming towards me

“Sasha Chahal” there it is.

“Arusha Gill” my heartbeats are crazy, I greet her with the infatuated face.

She is smiling like a goddess, her eyes sparkle with the lights along the roadside. Oh, her blue eyes damn, Sasha Chahal Double Damn!

I am looking in the paper bag of books, fixated and I look shyly away.

“Which books have you bought, show me” She looks at me in excitement.

I am scared, I hold my book package close and the paper bag making crunching paper noise.

“I bought mostly non-fiction” I lie, all the romantic novels smirking inside the bag and Ms Mistakes is punching me through the paper bag making me sweat!

“I am a romantic reader, I love to read romance!” She takes away my heart and oh so devious smile, I look at her perfectly shaped lips and wonder if my soulmate has always been a girl and our first on road, breezy meeting in this silent e-rickshaw air wheezing past us.

I feel bad for lying, I thought maybe I should speak I should start reading romance, so I bought some, and then I change my mind, trying to keep my calm and love contained which is just oozing out looking at her.

“My stop is here, I have to get down” She says, taking out cash from her wallet.

“We should stay in touch” I speak abruptly

“Yeah!” she says nodding her head and closing her wallet.

“Umm, where do you live, is that far? You can come over for coffee, if you like” she says, looking at me lovingly.

“I umm.. Actually I really need coffee!” I look at her, and we get down the e-rickshaw in front of her giant big house with the black house plate reading Chahal’s. It’s a beautiful house painted chocolate brown, cream and tinted brown glass with the oh so perfect dreamy lit up corners and walls with pale yellow lights.

She pays for me even before I can rummage through my stuff and her house.

“You don’t have to do this” I say and before I can see the e-rickshaw going, she holds my hand and we enter her house.

I look at her surprised, my lips are parted in a shock, wait what did just happen.

She throws away her bag and iPhone on the couch and takes me to her kitchen. I see her brewing up coffee, am still holding my paper bag of books. She is perfect, she opens up her bun, and hair open, making her look, homely. Her curvy back, her movements are turning me on. She is fiesty, she puts down two black coffee mugs and as she pours coffee, she tucks her hair behind her ear.

“So what do you like to read, show me. We can be book buddies!” She gives me the coffee mug.

I place the bag over to the beautiful kitchen sill and sit on the counter sipping coffee, she opens the bag and Ms Mistakes is flamboyantly laughing at me with other romance buddies!

My heart skips a beat, and she is overexcited, she runs towards her couch and bring her bag of books and picks up the iPhone! We share similar taste in books. She shows me Ms. Mistakes!

“Wait, but you said, non-fiction” she looks at me suspiciously

and I hide my face in the coffee mug, feeling guilty, she comes close to me. I look at the floor and at my books, she places Ms. Mistakes in her hand on the sill along with the iPhone, takes away my coffee mug enraged, and I am about to be thrashed!

Her iPhone chimes and I look at the phone text from Ray

“Wait, you just invited a stalker in your home! Are you crazy! Run for your life.”

She knows! Wait why did she hold my hand, why is she looking at me. She wanted to be followed! OMG I should run!!

I look at her with the culpable face, she looks at me and I can’t hide my feelings for her, how attracted I am to her, I look at her with oodles of love in my heart scared, me baring my emotions exposed, she is close to me and I look in her eyes, her blue eyes, her lashes sticking to her glasses, her earring stuck in her ear, her perfect soft pink lips and her nose, breathing warmth near my face, she holds my face and kisses me.

I am breathless, I have never felt this way before, she removes my glasses her fingers run over to my ears, and she kisses me deeply.

I don’t want to stop, she takes me to her bedroom and throws me in her bed and I look at this gorgeous beauty over me, she pulls me under her, holding my hands, interlocking the fingers kissing me passionately. I gasp for air and I breathe in her fragrance. I devour her, her skin, her lips, her tongue.

She is nibbling on my neck, I grab her and push her in bed, taking charge, removing her glasses, kissing her.

I have been waiting for Mr. Right all along and kissing you has changed all of it. It has always been Ms. One! It has been you. Only You.

Author: Onesha

She is the funny one! Has flair for drama, loves to write when happy! You might hate her first story, but maybe you’ll like the next. She is the master of words, but believes actions speak louder than words. 1sha Rastogi, founder of 1shablog.com.

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