The Romantic Bus Journey.


Dual Meanings, How much we Love them! Enjoy the Dual meaning Story this time. *winkie*

It requires an excellent reader to Read in between the Lines. For those who really are innocent, I have highlighted the phrases! Happy reading. You are free to change the real and literal meanings according to your own wild imagination. Mine is Really Dirty, Check out yours, and don’t forget to tell me. I know you won’t!

“Stop! Hey, STOP!”

Waving my hand helplessly to the bus which SPEEDED in front of me, made me go BREATHLESS. It was the worst Monday, so much heat and no bus driver feeling Pity at a poor girl SHOUTING to make a journey back to her Life.

Scorching heat, Loud HORNS, and traffic made me go RESTLESS EARLY IN THE MORNING. It was the half  hour of wait with the heavy Luggage PAINING MY TENDER WHITE SHOULDERS, All my attempts to make the bus HALT were triumphed by the LOUD HORNS making me go MAD.

I started looking around to count the number of people to board the bus and found no one except one Long, like a really LONG guy in a cream shirt and beach sand pants. He was wearing nice glasses. I stepped forward on seeing a Bus again to repeat what I have been DOING since last half an hour when I saw Beach sand pants walking in front of the bus, the Bus stopped and I am staring at him. He effortlessly CLIMBED into the Bus. I came to my senses two seconds later and rushed to climb onto the bus. He extended his long fair and strong hands to me, I grabbed them and he PULLED ME IN. He asked me to MOVE INSIDE the bus, he took the Bag off my Shoulders, I felt relieved on leaving the baggage, he picked it up and INSERTED into the luggage boxes in the Bus rim.

I grabbed the upper Bar of the bus and stood firmly keeping my feet grounded and back resting on one the seats. The Monday rush left no seat Vacant in the bus, I was standing when MR. Beach pants, Got me a seat to comfort me of the Madness, restlessness of the morning. I sat and again staring at what MR. Long is trying to do?

I sat there, silently observing him. Fair, Handsome Tall, and strong Shoulders were a Sight to see. He was standing gently across my seat and enjoying the music in earplugs. So calm and Majestic disposition, I kept on looking then suddenly bus stopped and a female hopped in and stood beside him not blocking my view. Mr. Long has a Heavy voice and Good looks. It was HARD TO KEEP MY EYES OFF HIM.

The driver applied the Brakes and the female, to save herself from falling grabbed his SHIRT. Oh my god why?

I am jealous of her, Brakes and she again is all over him, hugging him. Mr. Long Beach pants strongly holding her against his steaming broad chiselled chest. He got hold of her arms asking

“Are you Okay?”

INSTRUCTING HER TO HOLD THE PILLAR BAR of the bus on which he was resting his Well defined BUTT. He slipped his hand inside his pocket, to check his Phone with His long fingers, white and strong. Desires quenching in my Mind. Suddenly somebody is TICKLING my feet, I BEND DOWN to see his shoe dancing to the MUSIC of earplugs, I started Breathing Heavily, I silently removed my feet, and he looked at me in an apologetic manner moving HIS BEAUTIFULLY SCULPTURED LEGS AWAY. His wrist had an expensive sports watch. I am already Feeling him, He slips out his hand out of the pocket and rests it on the Handlebar of the seat in front of me. My hands rose up to hold his hand, and  I shushed them HARD with annoyance. My heart wants to hold those hands; I see a mark there, possibly burnt while cooking. Oh, my he cooks!

The Bus is moving at its full speed smoothly. I want to know his name.

Soon the girl hops out of the Bus. I want to stand up against him, I could hardly reach his Shoulders, My eyes fixed at his neck, I look Up in his Eyes, my neck arched backward My hairs already long, get more Longer, touching my lower Hips, I gaze at him and he grabs my waist with his strong Hands, I am against his strong Bosom. He is breathing, I move my head backwards and he is trailing kisses all along my neck beneath my ears, I close my eyes. Feeling so Desirable.

I open my eyes feeling stupid, I am still comfortable in my seat, and He where is he?

I looked around and he got a Seat. He is seated comfortably now. My mouth is wet I want to Grab him and work on his Lips so blissful. I stopped staring at him and looked out of the window.

Holy Shit! I was near my destination and next Bus stop I would have to get off. I hurried off my seat and grabbed my bag from the Luggage box and Wore it again across my shoulders and praying to Mr. Beach Pants to get off the bus with me. Suddenly He rose up to collect his luggage and I am again staring at him, He makes a Beautiful eye contact with a shy smile, His lips part a little to smile curtly at me, My eyelashes drop Inevitably unable to say thanks to him for making my Bus journey so romantic and uncomfortable. *Winkie*

I looked up to see him again one last time and left the bus at the bus stop smiling like YOU KNOW WHAT I HAD JUST MET AN HOT GUY AND HE LIKES ME BACK smile!

 While I climbed off, I saw his Face drop a little. Oh, why not, actually his face should drop a little more.

He Was still INSIDE the bus and I left HIM in the MIDDLE of the JOURNEY,

Well, What happens after the sweaty and overcrowded journey?  I went to take a BATH to freshen up from sunburn and SWEAT. What about him?


I saw your Sexy Imagination, Now STOP LAUGHING  & read it normally. It’s a Bus story and not what You are Imagining! *LOL*

Author: Onesha

She is the funny one! Has flair for drama, loves to write when happy! You might hate her first story, but maybe you’ll like the next. She is the master of words, but believes actions speak louder than words. 1sha Rastogi, founder of

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