Season 3 The Lost Lake

I left home and bright sunshine greeted me. It was a young spring day full of life. I smiled and walked my way towards the Lake, the lonely one. It became a daily habit of mine to start my day with this Lake. Karl and Marla are divorced now. I stay with my sister Rebo *chuckles*. She is now dating her friend and has grown exquisite over the years. I am glad she is on her own now. She loves nature like me and has been my emotional support, I needed no one else in my life, not because it was her but I had my secret magic powder, The Drugs!


The story has taken a leap of 10 years and Dave is 20 now. Karl and Marla are separated. Dave is Happy again Until one fine day something happens. Presenting before you the fourth season of the Lost Lake. Happy Reading.

I came by the Lakeside and found a girl standing there, her arms wide opened to the breeze feeling the warm sunshine and the wind. Her short metallic Black dress was playing with the air and she was lost in the moment by the Lost Lake. I stood behind her and watched her silently breathing the freshness. I found a tree to hide behind and was waiting for my gang to collect here. My stash was over.The Day was Joyous like my mind today.

Over the years I still depended on them, I found great friends and the things went easy when they were around. They somehow had their hands on the best and cheapest material in the city. Our Love for each other and for the magic remained ablaze since the day we met. But this girl, I saw some Girl here for the first time. Her Hair was shining in the sunshine and I looked at her curiously to see the pretty face.

I looked around to see for the friends and there was no sign of them, Today we were gathering to celebrate Derek’s birthday. I turned towards her, she was busy with the trail of thoughts and was calmly standing there. I looked around to find someone else with her, But could see no one.

A few moments later she walked towards the grass and vacated the lake, she was gone. I couldn’t see her face. I came to fill her place with both my hands tucked in the pocket of jeans which couldn’t find their way out just like her!

“Hey Bro,” said Derek,

“Hi, Derek” shaking hands with him I hugged him patting and wishing him his 20th Birthday well.

“Where is everyone?”  I asked

“They all will be coming soon Jack,” he said to me.

I concealed my original name for the sake of some reputation. I am still  Jacob, the rich brat. Derek, Sammy, and Alex we all four have been a great team. Wyatt moved away for studies.We all had one thing in common since the childhood, we all belonged to the hopeless world of broken relationships and we equally hated our families to do this to us. Our Love was stronger than anyone.

Five minutes of pleasure can ruin the entire existence of the pleasure and the aftermath is suffering seeking revenge from the pleasure seekers. I hated the phenomenon totally.

I and Derek waited for the others as we strolled by the lakeside. Not speaking a word with each other. I of all the four managed to maintain my sanity and consumption for the drugs. But the others as I have seen in my course of being a consumer were wasted and ruined in the magic to death. Yes Smoking, Drinking, and Drugs are injurious to health.

I am not a junkie but it would help me slow down and think that the world is good. All my blood which use to enraged upon all the pleasure seekers would come to a halt. I WOULD have turned DEVIL by now, KILLING EVERYONE I FIND!

“Hey Sammy & Alex”, we four were meeting after a month. This Sunday of every month was awesome, we drove into the city and were crazy about everything that passed by.Shouting, yelling and teasing Derek to have achieved the end of Teenage. We entered the lounge and Bar and were dancing in the concoction of Vodka and whatever we grabbed. Wyatt too joined us in the afternoon. We grabbed the food and were partying at the bar.

Our reunion made all of us way too happy.

It was late that evening and We were driving to our bonding spot to have some magic powder and as well as  I had to refill my stash. We all sat there smoking the powder, we have tasted them all and were expert in the variety. We spoke our hearts out and chattered consistently and I mentioned the girl I saw today at the lakeside. I came home hazy, after bidding everyone goodbye. It was never a good idea bringing anyone home. Had they known what I was into they wouldn’t be the same anymore. I could never find out in spite of having different and varied interest, how I could not leave those people?

Maybe Karl and Marla taught me a great lesson, & I built my morals by myself.

After both of them left I promised to the world, and more importantly to my soul. No matter how much differences you have, no matter how one hold up in your life, never leave them. They will suffer like I did.

I was resting on my couch and the get-together today made me go back into the flashback of memories when I first met them by the Lakeside.

Later that night I had dreams of that Girl while I inhaled and was unconscious on my couch.

What flashbacks had Dave seen? What was he into? Who was the girl? What has changed in these 10 years? What Happened to Karl & Marla……………..Stay tuned to

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The Lost Lake

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