S2-The Lost Lake 4

Previously on the Lost Lake, you read about Dave who is running early in the morning to the lakeside. He is hopeful to find those kids there again with paper and powder, the magic ingredient which takes away all his fears and lands him in the world where he wants to be. He finds the powder and is lying there in its magic. He finds himself amidst a sunset with him being unusually crowned and superman sheet. Before he could finish his Dreaming he is awakened by the four kids who bought that magic powder and are looking at him in annoyance.

The Lost Lake 4

Get up pretty!” said the fat boy

Move your ass up,” said the another kid

What the hell are you doing here and who are you?” said the lean one among all the four

What are you; a pig? You rotten piece of flesh, you come here to find our leftovers and enjoy them” said the elder of all kicking Dave with his foot

These things ain’t for free, do you get that” holding Dave from the collar of his shirt.

If you tell anybody about this shit, you will be dead as Latin,” said the fat kid punching his face.

Do you have the money?” said the elder boy smiling sarcastically

Dave closes his eyes in dizziness.

Oh, C’mon are you hearing me? Open your fucking eyes” slapping Dave.

Ah yes yes, Money! I have it” Dave speaks as he is regaining his consciousness.

Haha, Look like you do, much of it” leaves Dave collar and clears the dirt over his face.

We got a rich brat guys” leaving Dave to breathe some air.

So pretty, where is the money,” said the fat boy smiling.

Dave is still not back he is recollecting himself.

Where is the money, my friend?” picking up Dave from the ground.

It’s inside, inside the house.” said Dave looking at the elder boy who was around 16 years of age.

Oh, so get that money, or we will beat you up and throw inside this Lake.” screaming at Dave and walking towards to grab him.

Woah, wait, hold on, hold on,” said Dave scared, “I will give you the money, ah , ah I need the paper, this powder, mag magic powder.”

Oh,” raising an eyebrow the elder one said, “First get us the Money, we will see about that.”

I won’t tell anyone,” said Dave anxiously trying to cut out a deal.

Huh, pretty! You won’t because if you do you will serve your time behind the bars” everyone Laughs.

This thing you want is dangerous and expensive, so you better run and get us the money if you want even a pinch of it. We will be gone in 15 minutes, go get some green paper and take this one” pointing towards the powder in his hand.

Dave rushes back home, on his feet, as fast as he could, against the air, on his heels, running without a stop, breathless he reaches his home. He climbs the stairs and pushes the door open and heads straight towards Marla’s room and looks around to see the handbag, It’s placed on the table on the corner near the Bed. He walks swiftly over to the purse and opens it and draws a currency note and storms out of the room.

He climbs down the stairs, two at a time like playing sun, moon, land, stars and in seconds he is out of the door and makes his flight back to the lakeside. After 10 minutes of his nonstop running, he is finally there and completely out of breath, he rolls over the ground breathing heavily and looking towards the kids lifts his hand up to grab him. All the four pick him up and he shows them the currency.

All the boys stare each other in amusement, it was a high denomination note they saw, worth the paper in their hands.

Looks like we got ourselves a friend, welcome to the club pretty,” said the fat boy looking at the currency and elder boy who probably was the leader.

So, is it a deal?” Dave looks at the elder guy and asks who nods his head. He comes closer to him and putting his arms around him tries to grab the note which is unsuccessful, coz the smart boy Dave waves the note back.

Uh -ah, the deal is a deal, I get the powder you get the money” taking the elder boy by the surprise.

Now give me the powder and I hand over the money” and the elder boy is looking astonished.

I can beat the crap out of you, do you get that? You will not have the money nor the powder.” said the elder boy trying to polish his bullying skills.

Hahaha, I am not buying that,” said Dave laughing “You will lose your chance for somebody who has money to buy all that stuff for you, and you do not want that” trying to look shrewd

All of them are taken by surprise by Dave’s smartness.

Sammy, give that paper to him,” said the elder guy. Sammy the fat kid hands him the powder. Dave looks at the granules and touches them, they are coarse just like he found the previous ones.

Now the money,” said, Sammy.

The elder boy pushes Sammy and said “He is the part of our club now, he is a friend, show some respect” and forwards his hand to Dave for a handshake speaking

Hi, I am Alex” Dave forwards his hand for the handshake still not giving the money and clears throat as he says

So, Alex introduce me to the club”

Yes, this is Samuel” says Alex pointing towards the fat kid

We call him Sammy. This is Wyatt” pointing towards the lean guy

And this is Derek” pointing towards the last member

and now pretty about you”

Hi, I am Jacob, you can call me Jack,” says Dave with a shrewd smile on his face.

So Alex you were talking about showing some respect to the new member in the club to ah. Sammy right?”

Yes, we are friends now, ain’t we Jack ?” said Alex shifting his place towards Dave.

So, you people hurt me, when I was basking here, Now owing to respect you don’t get your money today. Maybe the Next time when we meet you can have them,” says Dave tilting his head towards the lake.

This was not the deal?” said Alex raising his eyebrows.

We are friends Alex, this is not a deal, am I right?” said Dave.

Derek shouts “We gotta run guys, we got a problem the church priest is coming, C’mon run. Everybody disperse, we will meet here tomorrow, Now Go, GO, GO”

Season 2 comes to an end. Karl and Marla! Will they ever be able to solve their differences? Will Karl let go of the sense of betrayal and accept Dave as his son? Will Dave get his mother and Father back or will he fall for the drugs and remains trapped in this Magic? Season 3 will be out in the New year 2017. Until then stay tuned and read exclusively on 1shablog.wordpress.com

Season 3 The Lost Lake

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