S2 – The Lost Lake 3

Previously on the Lost Lake, you read about the interaction of Dave with the church priest while he was staring at the apostle of Mother Mary. He came there in search of those kids he saw earlier this morning playing on the lakeside with paper and powder, but could not find them. Instead he feels sad about ignorance of his parents towards him when he see kids after school running and hugging theirs. He goes home that night with heavy steps and the door opens.

The Lost Lake 3

It was Rebo on the door, her sister. Rebo was overjoyed to see Dave and quickly got hold of his hand. She took Dave to her room and pointing towards the cookies in the dish said

“Mrs. Gregori gave these to me, I searched everywhere in the garden, you were not there, so I saved all of them for you”

Dave was warmed by the sweet gesture and hugged her little sister closely.  His tears were now dry and his face was lit up by her smile. They both ate the cookies and were sitting on the bed playing when Mrs. Gregori saw Dave back home and came towards him.

“Where have you been the whole day?”Slightly bothered seeing his face and knowing everything that was going in the house.

“I went to a church and Friends to play by the Lakeside”said Dave looking out of the window full of night stars.

“You got new Friends Dave” Said Mrs. Gregori surprised, Dave was a quiet child.

“Where is mom?”

“She went to work she will be coming soon, I will leave then” caressing his face which was dry and dirty. Bruised too but she ignored them.

“Where is Dad?”Dave is still looking out of the window

“Come on Dave, you have soiled all the clothes, take a bath. I am getting you some warm water”and she goes.

An hour later 

Dave is clean and eating his meal with Rebo. Marla is back home, Mrs Gregori is leaving when she tells Marla

“Dave was asking for you, he was not home the whole day, might have some new friends lately”

Marla is self involved and tired to listen she goes back into her Room. Mrs. Gregori closes the door with a sigh and was always surprised with the disposition Dave has. He was very smart she always knew but was more astonished by the fact that Dave never hated his father in spite of the beating and scolding he got from him. What kind of a kid he was. He was young and smart enough to feel the differences they had. Mrs. Gregori was worried about the poor child as she walked towards her home.

Dave saw Marla going to her room; Karl was not home and would never come for many days altogether. Dave was pulled out of school after the frequent complaints of him from the class teacher and differences of Karl and Marla. Dave never liked his school. He would stay lost and kept looking out of the window to the clear blue sky. He used to feel the winds playing with the leaves and flowers. He was cornered out by his other class mates too, He was too quiet to speak with them. His sparkling blue eyes wanted to escape from the cage and go out in the world to enjoy the freedom of nature. He smiled looking at the clouds and birds. He seemed Lost but was a happy soul. He use to lay in the house garden all day admiring the beautiful nature, he planted saplings there which were growing each second and day with the love Dave showered on them.

His happiness turned upside down ever since Karl came to know about Marla and Siwan. Karl had seen Siwan occasionally whenever Marla’s appointment was scheduled for Dave’s checkups.

Karl could never accept the fact, Marla has betrayed him and he wanted Siwan dead ever since that Day. He could not find Dave as his son; everything he saw had a sense of betrayal. His fears came alive, his frustration of everything slipping out of his hands, he was in pain, in anger, in disgust. He was broke. The only person he loved with all his heart. He started staying outdoors in alcohol and frequently beat Dave. He was sorry for doing this to himself, for ignoring his family. He was annoyed for his family to do this to him.

Dave slept in tears.  Marla doesn’t care and Karl is nowhere to be seen. He wants to hug both of them just like the school kids did. He want to be hugged like the dream he had by the Lakeside. He goes back to sleep.

Next Morning

Dave opens his eyes and sees the broad daylight hitting the room. He gets up and hurries his way to the Lakeside to find the kids there. He rushes outside the House and keeps running to be there.

He wants the Magic powder, which takes him to his mother and father. It was a miracle. He is out of breath and touches his knees bending over to catch some air, and scoffs a little. He breathes a lungful and starts running again, and finally reaches there and nobody around. The lake was brimming and shining its blue water around.

He walks near the lake and find papers again. He quickly takes every paper and every granule inside him inhaling and again dizzy, He lies down there. Floating in the powder magic, he has a red superman sheet on the Back. The priest crowns him the orient headgear which is perfect on his head. Holding the cross he is sitting on a rock castle from where lies beneath a deep never ending Valley leading to death. He is looking at the beautiful sunset which is soon to be dead and Rise of the Moon.

Suddenly he is awakened by a loud thud, He is awaken still dizzy and finds the kids whom he saw yesterday standing surrounding him, infuriated at him.

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The Lost Lake 4

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