How dreadful these words sound? BREAK UP!

Here is a Conversation between me and him.

Me-I don’t know about you, But I faced a lot of BREAK UP’S in my life. I have been Emotionally Hurt, Damaged and had a Hard time coping with them.*agonizing lost friendships & relationships*

He-What does Break up even mean?
me-End of friendships or Relationships!

-Why would I do that with anyone?
Most people do it, I don’t know the reasons.*trying to hide all of them I know*

-Definitely not,If I truly care about that person and promise to care and share the happiness and troubles?*he looks at me quizzically*

Never Fall in Love, it’s a trap!
– Just because you broke up?

NO! because people FALL Out of Love eventually,they….umm they. . . . . *my Voice trails off.*
-Hey C’mon speak up? *inquisitive*

Nothing,Just leave.
-Alright,*goes infuriated*

Every evening we met and sat by the Evening Psalm of Palm tree gestures
under the stretch of the fading sunset,
I resided in those Evenings,
those springs of fresh air and sand smell Wet.
Flowers blossomed in the heart every evening
seeing the Face of My beloved.
I have been in Love and at it’s best,
Rewarded with Conquest of the tempest.
Of the Hailstorms and raindrops which never rest,
I saw dark nights after the Lovely evenings,
Bizzare sunrises and BURNING afternoons. 

*knock on the door*

-hey! what are u doing?
Nothing, ahh just …. umm *trying to hide what I wrote on the notebook*

-show me,
Leave it, It’s just an assignment!

-You, IT retards would never stop doing all this shit *Laughs heartily*
yeah, yeah.*still Lost*

-Hey, I just joked a little don’t be serious,okay.
I think you should Listen to my Break up story.*serious*

-SERIOUSLY!*his eyes are large as Big black buttons*

-*too much interested* it has been 7 months I have been asking about it, How come Today?
I wanna rant my fears, my feelings today.

-Please! I am all ears, Start.

In the meanwhile, I start remembering my Love story, Leaving the paper I am trying to hide.He reads the paper and looks up

-You are Unbelievably Romantic!*his face softens*
We met in my class & I was so naughty. I used to tease him in my lectures, Profs and even in the exams. He came across as a shy guy, our friendship grew, our phone calls grew. We became really good friends, and his night calls increased, I had completely no idea, where I was going. I trusted him without question, I had never been with a guy before. BUT..

-but what?   

                                                               …TO BE CONTINUED

Break Up 2

Author: Onesha

She is the funny one! Has flair for drama, loves to write when happy! You might hate her first story, but maybe you’ll like the next. She is the master of words, but believes actions speak louder than words. 1sha Rastogi, founder of

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