S3 -The Lost Lake 2

I was running breathlessly towards my home with the packet of the magic powder closely hugging my bosom and money from the mothers’ purse in the other hand. It was the green crisp Note, the money note which made me Jacob, the rich brat!

I reached the house and on my tip toes went upstairs to quickly put the money in place, I did not want to steal the money otherwise, I would be the bad boy. I was just rushing out of the room when Marla catches hold of me & seeing me all red faced she asked me not to play so much in the sun and picked up her bag to go.

As she left I was glad she did not find me hiding the paper bag which contained my magic powder. What if she would have seen? What If she knew I had something? Had she scolded me? Had she cared?

All these questions didn’t bother me then but they bother me now. WHAT IF?

I quickly made my way to my room and safely hid the bag underneath the cupboard, the place where it was really safe and no one else could find it, not even Rebo. I didn’t know what was I into until one day when Mrs. Gregori found the packet and smelled the granules. She in no time warned me against it and threatened me to tell Marla. But unfortunately, she had to leave us forever that day.

Her son was finally back to home and so she retired and new housemaid Alena joined us to bring up me and Rebo. She never informed my mother about Drugs, she took the packet, though.

Dad Never Came home! My haziness was turning sour and soon after flashbacks, I was fast asleep. I saw the girl’s Face, sparkling black eyes full of Love. It was ironic at my end on one side I hated the feeling, on the other side I wanted it as much as it was missing!

I woke up in the morning feeling dizzy and looked at the clock, I was late for the College! It was Monday!

I drove my Car and the flashbacks yesterday kept me thinking. Had Karl and Marla not been separated, I would not fear this phenomenon, but I was Yearning for love, the love of parents, the love! *chuckles* It ruins everything!

Marla and Karl Divorced each other and as per the Norms, I and Rebo got the custody of Marla.

The reaction of the friends by the poolside for the green crisp note made go in the awe of it and I decided to have many in my pocket. But How?

I was one day playing in the house when Alena was collecting the old newspapers and trash to be sold. I found some balance sheets of the stock market, it was then I understood what my Dad was! He worked in Stock Market.

On the paper read 821 2nd Ave, Seattle, WA 98104, USA. I didn’t know what it was but the figures at the end of four paper portfolio $58,789.369 made me widen my eyes. I didn’t understand anything right then but was somehow sure that I was Rich and this is the reason I was.

I got out of the car and rushed to the accountancy lectures. I was enrolled in the financial economics exchange course for the stock Market. I was a brilliant student. All my education was being sponsored by the university whose talent examination I passed. I did get Karl’s brain! He is still flourishing in the money market.

After the classes, I used to work for the Pleco Financials on the night shift. Though I was not high in profile as was still clearing the necessary modules but the crispy notes desire made me go through the labor and drugs some higher variety used to keep me awake and need for sleep would go. That day I could not go to the Lake,  so after the night shift I came by the Lakeside and saw thousands of fireflies there glittering and shimmering in the night, singing the song of the beautiful wind. The crowd, the computers, the numbers were not amazing but nature was! It showed so many magic in its inbuilt unimaginable individuality so hopeless but still endearing.

Somehow the thought of bringing someone I loved, here, crossed my mind and I wanted to date someone just like my college buddies.

The girl whom I saw yesterday flashed and I was again in thoughts of her shiny hair and little metallic dress. I wanted to see the pretty face who came by the lakeside, this lost lake like me!

Author: Onesha

She is the funny one! Has flair for drama, loves to write when happy! You might hate her first story, but maybe you’ll like the next. She is the master of words, but believes actions speak louder than words. 1sha Rastogi, founder of 1shablog.com.

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