S3-The Lost Lake 3

The next Morning I woke up. My college ended at 3 pm and Work hours started at 5 Pm which use to extend till 3 in the morning. I use to come home and sleep exhausted. I moved away from Marla’s place into the city a few years back and Rebo also came to live with me.

She was in High School when she shifted to her Friend’s place which is a 2-hour drive from here. I made my usual breakfast and was packing up my things, I looked at the watch and I still had 15 min more to drive and reach lectures. So I drove my Car to the lakeside just for the glimpse, I was driving and the church was full of kids, the convent ones! all rushing to the class.

I stopped my Car there, as soon as I got down from the car, I saw the same girl standing there. I stood there and was observing her. I was gifted with some great observation skills, it took me no time to recognize that it was her. The girl wearing the short metallic black dress with brown shiny hairs. I waited for her to turn around. She was enjoying the lakeside view.

And she turned, So beautiful she was. Her face was very pretty. She was a fair skinned beautifully sculpted girl. Her toned cheeks and lips were a sight to see. Her hazel eyes and brown hairs blended perfectly in the sunshine.

But something was missing. Her lips were curved into the tinge of sadness and she was not to the best of her moods that day. Her smile was missing. I could observe only this much from the momentarily glimpse that I got.

She walked away without noticing me. I saw my watch it was 9 and I was already late for the lectures. I got into the car and rushed towards the college. As I entered I saw today our new teacher would be taking the lecture.

To my surprise, she has recognized the face but my memories could not trigger the past to find out who she was. Though I thought I knew her, but I failed to remember. She was old, old as Marla.

After the seven continuous lectures, Donna came to me, asking if I could help her as the cycle test were near. I wish I could but I had to go to work, which was a secret for everyone there. After I was completely done for the day. I went to the canteen to grab some food, where my college gang of guys welcomed me with a cheery smile. I made friends not so easily. I was very observant and shy too. Though people liked me, it was an obvious liking. I am still figuring out the reasons, though, after some hearty laugh and food, I left.

I drove my car to Pleco, everyone was on their computers busy with numbers and never-ending updates via radio phone calls. Every assessment and analysis were important. Every increasing share and every company in loss affected the main market and our client customers. I was new and trusted my instincts a lot. The observation was a learning process.

It was hard to stay awake for most of the time and managing everything. So I used to keep a pouch handy under the socks. Checking was severe here. But nobody smelled my socks, though I always feared being caught so what I did was underneath the small space below my ID card. I made a pouch small enough to fit in the holder and card to insert the pouch. Whenever I use to feel sleepy and my brain cells would not respond I would go to the washrooms or camera free area to take out the pouch and have some magic. Drug magic. My head used to float and I would turn into limitless possibilities of every intellectual challenge that would come along.  Over the time I explored every drug and this one was Superior ICA 2101. The drug which helped me stay awake and ease my brain out for hours. Smoking this would keep me satisfied though hunger pangs were frequent.

But I avoided food to every possibility so that I may not fall asleep. Eating food caused yawning a lot and  I could not resist my urge to sleep.  So a lot of caffeine and drugs helped me to keep awake and work all night. Especially brain work.

It was a payday. So I was happy unusually. I thought about the girl. I went home tired and slept.

Next morning I woke up and saw as my watch struck 11. I was too late for the lecture. I just washed myself up and in the same old days’ clothes, picking up my bag rushed towards the college.

I was in hurry and While I was driving rashly, I hit a person on the road. A girl. I was blank as I got out of the car, the girl was unconscious and was injured. To avoid people gathering there, I quickly picked her up and put her in the car. I was breathing heavily and heart pounding in my mouth. Panic droplets on my head. I drove towards the hospital.

Author: Onesha

She is the funny one! Has flair for drama, loves to write when happy! You might hate her first story, but maybe you’ll like the next. She is the master of words, but believes actions speak louder than words. 1sha Rastogi, founder of 1shablog.com.

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