S3 – The Lost Lake 4

I just rushed to the hospital and grabbed a form to admit her, the nurse and other attendants put her on the stretcher and gave her the basic first aid. There were going to be stitches in the head. As soon as I got there I was all the more Nervous and the peculiar hospital and medicinal smell of disinfectants and blood made me breathless.

I didn’t know who to call and whom to speak, I had her bag and in it were her Id cards, which read Carol. I filled the form and called the emergency contact number.

Kiyana picked up. I informed about the mishap and the city hospital which she was in. I didn’t wait for her to come. I was afraid and I left the place. I went to the college and was very shocked. I sat in the class and my mind wandered to the girl who I hit today by my car. I prayed for her safety.

After almost two lectures my head was very heavy and my phone buzzed. I didn’t pickup. after a while, it again started buzzing and I ignored it again. this happened three more times and I could not leave the class to get out.My feet froze and the head was jammed. I waited for 20 more minutes to be normal and take out my cell from the pocket. I found two unread text messages from Kiyana.

Kiyana- “Please pick up the call, This is urgent.”

Kiyana- “Call me back! it’s urgent!”

I shakily made a call to the number. Kiyana asked me to come to the hospital. I drove to the hospital thinking of every worst possibility I may undergo.

I reached the hospital and went to Carol’s ward. I saw Kiyana sitting there, I looked at her without blinking for a minute. She was the same girl who came by the lakeside every morning. The blond hair and little black metallic dress girl. The girl with no smile. She looked at me and came towards me. Are u Dave?

“Are u Dave?”

“Yes, I am sorry about your umm… “ My voice trailed off.

“Friend, she is a  friend” she replied. I looked down and not into her eyes.

“What happened? How did she come here?”

I told the truth and asked her that I was ready to face any legal punishment. She wasn’t pleased with me.

She wasn’t pleased with me.The girl whom I admired daily, by the lakeside, whose face I wanted to see was finally in front of me, and unfortunately, we met like this.

“How is your friend Carol now?” I asked trying not to be as bad she thought of me.

“She is still unconscious and she may need extra blood.Is your blood group B positive?”

Blood.*holy crap*

I had drugs in my blood and once the hospital authorities have a single drop of my blood, they would leave no stone unturned to take me down. Drugs were illegal, and their effect would not leave the blood for two years andI was injecting them since i was 10. I had done some serious damage to my vesicular system and blood cells. I looked at her as my mouth went dry and said

“I have a phobia of needles,” I said looking at the injection needle trying to make a scary face.

I was in such a bad situation and the more I tried to be good the more I seemed bad.

Two days later

She recovered and came home. As a part of being guilty, I paid for her medical expenses incurred and Probably had lost the girl I admired the most.

The next morning I went to the lake and stood there feeling the breeze. She was not there and I thought she might be taking care of her friend Carol. After spending 10 minutes there, I turned around to get back to the car.

I was surprised to find Kiyana there walking towards me. It was different and there was something unusual about her today, she was smiling looking at me.

I didn’t know what to say. I paused for a moment to see her pretty face and waited for her to come and speak, those few footsteps were approaching towards me and my heartbeats were all in rush.

Author: Onesha

She is the funny one! Has flair for drama, loves to write when happy! You might hate her first story, but maybe you’ll like the next. She is the master of words, but believes actions speak louder than words. 1sha Rastogi, founder of 1shablog.com.

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