Chapter 4

I am overwhelmed and you instantly withdraw yourself from my embrace, I feel embarrassed looking at the crowd all around. I am confused and distressed. I feel disgraced the next moment and I tuck my hair right behind, putting all my emotions to rest and pull my trolley along and follow you to the cab. You appear distant and cold. I am heart wrecked, coming all the way felt like years waiting for you and shattered in a moment.

You never gave me any moment to be happy, You were never happy in my happy moments, you would always find a way to ruin them for me, You were never appreciative of my success, you always found me clingy. I was imperfect and you found flaws in me, in spite of the unconditional love I had for you, I was never good enough for you.

You made me cry, you made me sad, still, I loved you and I would have never realized what love is until I decided to finally let you go for my own good.

We boarded our cab to reach one of your friend’s apartment. You talk about my plane journey and you seem normal. I find the excitement fumbling or it’s me who always finds the exuberance missing. We reach your friend’s apartment and you introduce us!

“Hey Pema, how are you?”

You greet her with rather more spark than you met me.

“Pravi, meet Pema, we work together, she lives here!”

I shook hands with her and I realize for the first time, people who stay close are warmer no matter what. I enter inside and I look at her apartment, its good, I make myself comfortable and I ask her

“What is the meaning of your name?”

She tells me it means Lotus. I nod in suspicion and I can’t say I am jealous of her being close to Vian, or the fact that he is warmer to his friends than me, or is it the relationship that is going stale after years of rotting! Vian leaves me with Pema, to stay the night for early morning Antharagange Caves hill trek.

I woke up early to find him waiting with all the other friends waiting to embark on the weekend trek, I and Pema join his gang for the local breakfast and to the most delicious DOSA ever. Vian and gang were all prepared with the stuff and rented tents for the trek and trip. We had both girls and guys in the gang, some of his co-workers, some common friends, We reach the Antharagange Caves hills range and everyone started the trek.

The trail had a mix of rocky terrain to the lush green vegetation. From hopping boulders to some brilliant views, Antharagange Caves hill trek was one of my first. The air was filled with the fragrance of Eucalyptus. The relaxing section of the Eucalyptus Grove was an experience to witness as the trees sway with the cool breeze. I noticed a sudden drop in temperature while trekking through the grove. 

We followed the trail to the summit via the Shaneeshwara temple. We were all enjoying the trek and all of us were light and reached the beautiful temple when the funny incident with monkeys happened. The stud of our gang, Kaije was hijacked by the monkey. He was busy being photographed with the scenic nature outside of the temple, when one of the monkeys, got hold of his glares, and wore it himself and started playing with it acting all Dabangg. We were all astonished and couldn’t hold our laughter and Kaije being the bouncer of our group was just shocked at the monkey’s audacity to make him feel like a 2-year-old.

We wrapped our stuff and tried to get hold of our things, to work on our monkey rescue mission to ensure our safety from the monkey attack. But eventually, the monkey knew we don’t have any bananas for him and he threw away the sunglasses, we left from there and in the zeal and excitement, talking to each other followed our trail to the summit, We have been way too lazy and enjoying our trek way too much to have missed the sunset by a few minutes upon reaching the summit of the Antharagange Caves hill.

Everyone was disappointed!

It was dusk, sun hues spread across the top, a very cool breeze fluttering my hair in the wind, I looked across the sky and the orange hues mixed with the evening sky just glowed in the embrace of the horizon to create a warm stretched canvas with the air so chilly to send shivers down the spine. I closed my eyes and felt the breeze on my face and the colors started getting dark and I can see orange hues turning brown-black and mixing into the zenith for falling night to await the shadowy clear sky full of stars.

♫♪ 1Night – Yetep & Maazel ft GLNNA playing in the background

We missed our sunset but won’t be missing the next day’s sunrise, so we started setting our tents. I look around and see everyone very happy and I see Vian enjoying with his friends. I see around people singing, laughing, loving each other, comfortable with each other sitting in each other’s lap, and enjoying the view, sitting over the cliff, gazing at the beautiful view and stars. I sit with them and look at the stars above, shining brightly over my head. I look at the bright blue, red, white stars, small big, bright. I see constellations and the moon shining so bright. I look at the celestial city moonlit with the heavenly light, the stars are shimmering, flickering, glimmering into the beautiful night sky. I feel a hand around my shoulders, and its Vian, I lay my head on his shoulders and we are lost in the starry heavenly night.

Author: Onesha

She is the funny one! Has flair for drama, loves to write when happy! You might hate her first story, but maybe you’ll like the next. She is the master of words, but believes actions speak louder than words. 1sha Rastogi, founder of

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