Come Fall in Love

“Aapki Nazron Ne samjha Pyaar ke kaabil Mujhe.

Dil ki ae Dhadkan theher jaa, Mil gayi manzil Mujhe.”

Listening to this old track, I first time had the experience to savour the delicious lyrics being served with the garnishing of the beats and sweet voice of Sanam. Though he is not the original singer, But is capable of creating magic with his voice singing old numbers very beautifully!

He captured my mind and I was lost in the beauty and feel of the lyrics.
They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Lyrics seem to match this phrase. Our eyes garner the view of the world. We see and we fall in love. Even Our mind comes after eyes to reason with the beauty we fall in love. We all love beautiful things ain’t we?

One thing that I have noticed in course of these many years is that,

We always fall for beautiful things. And when we fall in love with it, It creates new standards of beauty and appears to be more beautiful day by day.

Some people disagree with me that we fall in love with beautiful things. And They are right! We do not always fall for the beauty, we fall for things which aren’t beautiful, but we still love them. There are various other things like emotions, attachment, childhood, memories and what not, that cause love for a thing or a certain number of things, Immense.

What is the cause of love? Is it the beauty in a thing or is it something else.?

As a dreamer and incredible observer of human nature, behavior and actions I came to realize, People do not always see the beauty in each and every small thing that is close to them. They are so used to seeing it daily that these little things go unnoticed.

People, on the other hand, are so use to loving a person or a thing that they forget the basic root of the emotion or feeling of love, that why have they started loving it in the first place. 


The answer is very simple Because they fail to admire the beauty they once saw when it all started. 

Here is the story of a boy Kiara. Kiara was a sweet little kid who went to school with his friend Bun by bus. The bus driver was a very old man with wrinkles of age-old experience smiling through the withered skin. On the way back home Kiara used to greet Frank goodbye and so Bun picked up on this habit.

One day Kiara didn’t come to the bus, Frank had been greeted a single goodbye by Bun. Frank smiled and drove way to drop the other kids. He missed Kiara though. Kiara never came to the bus again. His tenure for school was over. Now, Frank started loving all the kids and kids knew Frank too. 

Years later

Kiara grew up and became a young man, he married and had his own kids. The old man had grown with experience and never left driving the school bus for his love for small kids kept him alive. Kiara greeted Frank who shone through his wrinkles of experience and introduced his boy Flair who was an impression of Kiara. Old man relived those old days and greeted Kiara along with Flair. 

On the way back home, Flair drew a nice little picture of the bus driver and thought it to gift to the bus driver. While Flair was about to climb off the bus, He turned and greeted the bus driver with the picture. The bus driver saw the picture in which there were so many kids standing near his knees and one tall old face of him. 

He thanked the boy, the boy smiled with his red cheeky grin and climbed off. Frank drove the bus and saw in the rear view mirror Kiara waving Frank. Frank popped his head out and waved a nice goodbye.

It was Kiara which made the old man fall in love with his profession. He could never think of doing anything else apart from seeing the young kids budding into the Young man ready to serve the society. He did not stick into one kid that made his day. He fell in love with innocence and he found his bus full of little innocents. 

Whenever we fall for a person, there is a quality or a trait that we admire the most. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We see some beauty in the other person which that particular someone fails to see. And we fall in captivation of that beautiful trait. 

So sticking to someone, or one person for many years makes you forget the real beautiful trait which made you fall for the person in the very first place. So it is ideal to keep the relationship fresh and alive, to identify the reasons and traits why you love that person. I know it is opposite of the fact that we love a person by our pure heart for no reason at all.

But I strongly disagree, we tend to overlook the flaws of the person we love, but we also admire the goodness in them. So it’s better to keep the love alive by picking up on the reasons and identify those characteristics in every person you meet. This way you will find out how unique your love is. Because that way you heart will give you a gentle reminder. That this particular trait that you love your counterpart for, is not easily available in others and this was the reason I had fallen in love with him/her.

Go Fallback in Love. LOVE people thoroughly, it helps them grow. Build someone. Love each one.


Author: Onesha

She is the funny one! Has flair for drama, loves to write when happy! You might hate her first story, but maybe you’ll like the next. She is the master of words, but believes actions speak louder than words. 1sha Rastogi, founder of

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  1. Fan of this vivid imagination and fiction.
    I used to laugh on successful people buying canvas with almost nothing on it and artist sells them at sky prices.
    Later realises that its you who sees a painting in that blank canvas. Colors and beauty is in your heart which sees it when it is present in others.

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