I am walking past the corridor and I see you walking towards me. I smile and we hold hands to enter the classroom. We sit together and we talk, with you telling me everything about the stuff you do in the past 36 hours. I am listening to you, amazed until the professor arrives and we study for the next 90 minutes. We jot down the notes, our eyes moving from left to right on the whiteboard, black marker moving, listening to the strange new topic. I am lost in the lectures and I see you randomly looking sideways and smiling.

My glasses block the clear view of you and all I can see is the formulas and the tutor explaining something. If only I knew this was the beginning of a catastrophe. Had I been more careful! Had I known the consequences?

I am distracted and I don’t know what is it, that is captivating your attention. I focus and I see your happy face intermittently. I do not understand, what is it. The lecture is over and we go for our tea break waiting for the next lecture in approximately 15 minutes. We head out of the classroom and you are the same jolly and excited, talking to me. You are wearing something different today, something unusual. We talk in the hallway and we stand outside our gate labeled as B06. I am talking to you but today you are distracted, you look behind, sideways at all the people passing by, as if you are searching for someone. I ignore this, thinking nothing. Suddenly you smile, sheepishly, I have never seen anyone blush before, this is the first time I identify the emotion blush seeing it all over your face. There is a person, who comes towards, moving from your right to your left, shaking your hand, and all I see you smile shyly.

I can’t discern what is this, I have never seen such an expression in someone before. What is this. You look at this person in amazement, you introduce me and I smile confused, what is happening? You ask me to go inside and you leave with your new acquaintance.

The lecture begins, there is no sign of you for the first 15 minutes. I keep looking for you, my eyes fixed on the door. I open my books, waiting for you and you are not here. I look at the door and you walk inside alone, you are seated and I look at you, just like that you are indulged in the lecture, no details no nothing. I look at you and I look at the door seeing your new friend walking inside, and coming to sit just behind us.

After the lecture, you wave me goodbye and you don’t talk to me as usual seeing me off to the bike stand. I go alone and I can’t understand what’s wrong. I leave and the results of our test will be out tonight. I go home and the results are already here. I look at my new batch A09. I immediately call you and your phone doesn’t connect. As usual, I don’t get a call from you, you used to be the first person, I told you. I sleep and I wake up trying to call you. It rings, and I ask your batch and you retained it along with your friend it is still B06. Your timings are different, and I don’t understand why are you not upset about it, why are you happy? I am disheartened.

Months pass by and in a few days, it’s your birthday. I buy you a bag and I can’t wait to see you after many months. My lecture timing shifts from hot burning afternoon to leisurely evenings. One fine day I run into you in the hallway. You are so excited to see me. I talk to you for a few seconds, and you ask me if I can come to attend your birthday bash at Mc Donalds nearby after lectures. I can’t deny you and you ask me for a ride to your party. I agree.

I bring you the bag and I wish you a birthday, we ride to the Mc Donald’s nearby. Among your huge gang of friends, I find your new friend also there. You both looking at each other intently, I fail to understand, what is this going on?

Your new friend greets me and wishes me. A person of sobriety. I am seated in a corner of the McD, amazed at the first time being here, what a cheerful place. I see you both getting along. I eat the juicy burger, it’s luscious and after a few minutes, I hand you your birthday gift and I leave.

We casually run into each other lectures and you talk about your friend. I meet your friend with you sometimes and we exchange a smile. You both are quite fond of each other. I listen to your stories about eating out and exploring the city and the things you both do. I see you very happy. Time passes by and the classroom year is about to end within two months.

I wake up one morning not knowing why the phone is ringing continuously? I pick it up and it’s from you. I am in my pajamas and you ask me to come out. I walk out of my room to the house’s main door. I see both of you standing outside, along with your other friends, with cake, caps, and so many balloons. Oh my, what a sight to see. My eyes open wide in amusement, I can’t contain all the excitement. It’s early 7 in the morning. What a pleasant birthday surprise. How did you find my house, how in this cold, at 7, where did you get the cake, no nothing, I am all teary-eyed. No one has ever done this gesture for me. I can be this special. I feel at home for the first time away from home, Unconditional love does exist!

Loveliest birthday ever, I am so happy and I celebrate it with you people. Your likeliness has grown more than ever for each other. I look at you both trying to understand, what is it? A month passes by in a jiffy and it’s time to say our goodbyes. Last day in the city for you both. You call me to meet you for the one last time. I see you both sitting outside the mall, holding each other in arms. I am embarrassed at your sight, I know not what to do and I see you both cry.

I walk up to you both. You both look at me, and wipe away your tears, making me want to cry too. I do not shed a tear, never had. I say my goodbyes one by one and I feel a deep void in my heart for the very first time. Your new friend has made a special place in my heart too. I shake my hand with you starting a new friendship that day. You tell me your nickname that day HBK. I wish you all the best for the life ahead. I smile and we part our ways.

Only if I knew the last time I ever saw you would become the last ever. I lost you and I lost you forever. I still remember the face I saw on my birthday morning, the face I saw when I first saw you, the face when we met last. You never know when a moment becomes a last. Love everyone. Life would go on. Some things never come back. And memories are too distant to hold on to.

Author: Onesha

She is the funny one! Has flair for drama, loves to write when happy! You might hate her first story, but maybe you’ll like the next. She is the master of words, but believes actions speak louder than words. 1sha Rastogi, founder of 1shablog.com.

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  1. One day you will wake up and do something for the last time and you won’t even know – that scares me.

    Beautiful write up. Thank you for sharing, 1sha!

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