We wake up together and the mornings are without sunshine, it’s cold and temperatures have started going down. I walk outside the bedroom and see a beautiful morning greeting me with the warm fuzzy cold weather. I drape my coat and put on my cap. I look at you, you are getting dressed. I just want to be wrapped in your arms and I look at you lovingly. You put on your black gloves and tie your muffler around.

It’s been days since I sense something disturbing you. You are in difficulty, but you let me think otherwise. I love how you make me feel easy and I want to do the same for you. I want to be your comfy.

We head out and we are walking on the beautiful streets. I look at the long trees, the white sky, and the beautiful landscape. Cars filled with snow of yesterday night snowfall and snowflakes cover the garden. I am wearing my mittens, and we walk and we talk, you are enjoying the snow-filled view. I look at the lake and the beautiful stretch of mountains around.

You put your hands on my shoulders and pull me close, your brown eyes look at me, I look at them, not knowing what are you thinking, I just smile coyly and I put my hand around your waist. You and I walk looking on the beautiful roads, on the sidewalk, trees looking like Christmas.

We halt for a cup of coffee, and I look at you, you are looking at the pavement a few blocks down the road, we take our coffee and we walk, we are headed towards the pavement, you joke and you tease me, I just grab some snow from the lake railing and I throw it on you, your eyelashes flicker and I have awakened the kid in you, you and I run, we are playing along the lakeside road, I laugh gregariously, I am having fun. You start walking on your own. I walk behind you.

We reach down the pavement and there are beautiful birds, and benches full of snow. You look at me and you throw the snow at me and I giggle, I run behind you, we play a little and I see snow around the cemented pavement. I am out of breath and I go sit on the bench, you see me from afar and you walk towards me. I am still catching my breath. You sit beside me, all warm and you lie down in my lap. I look at your red flushed cheeks. I kiss your cheeks and I remove my mittens, caressing your face from my knuckles at the back of my hand, to your ear.

You like it, I sense frisson. I implant another kiss on your forehead. You remove your glove and you hold my hand, you close your eyes and you sleep in my lap, in my arms, like a baby. I keep caressing you little by little, running my hands through your hair, slowly. You move a little. I stop.

You have slept. I keep looking at you, and at the snow, caressing you again with the back of my hand rubbing against your pretty face. You are relaxed. I look at you, trying to comprehend, what all this world has done to your face, to your thoughts, how evolved things have been from the world which you see and can’t turn a blind eye on.

Experience has started to make you glow. How you know everything before it even comes out of everyone’s mouth, how you make decisions in a spur of a moment. How you read every one so accurately. I have never seen an honest and balanced person as you are, you never let me know what goes inside your thoughtful mind. I wonder if I will ever able to look inside and be amazed, at what all deep thoughts run inside. You have an enormous puddle of knowledge inside you. I wonder if you ever think what is your life purpose?

Looking at you, I think you already know it, you were born to spread love, happiness, to create a balance between the good and bad. How you always smile and are ready to take on the world with that deadly smile of yours, who wouldn’t get attracted to you. I really love how you make things look effortless with all the hard work and struggle that you do. You just need to be loved, I wonder will I be able to love you as you want to be loved. I wish I can love you the way you thought you should be loved. I wish to fulfill all your ambitions, your dreams, which you seem to have kept aside thinking that we should be in love with the basics of life, little things.

I read it somewhere Go big, or Go home, We are going to be Big. Let’s get weird together, let’s get strange, let us laugh so loudly that it keeps everyone up at night, let us make big plans that seem impossible, let us dream together, let us be different together. Let our misfit love shine on.

I wake up having seen this magnificent dream as if you are still in my arms, your fragrance still in my hands, your face still in my eyes. Was it all real or just an illusion?

How is it possible not to love you? When not just your eyes burn my soul, with that pure smile you keep me warm. I couldn’t resist the desire of my heart falling for you like a shooting star.

Author: Onesha

She is the funny one! Has flair for drama, loves to write when happy! You might hate her first story, but maybe you’ll like the next. She is the master of words, but believes actions speak louder than words. 1sha Rastogi, founder of

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