It’s raining, and every time it rains, it reminds me of you, having known you for the very first time. I open up my umbrella, and I look at the water dripping, to the amazing views in front of my eyes, over the mountains, on the green vegetation, wishing you were here with me, to look at them, and I could look at you. I smile thinking about your innocent smile and the face I saw last night, playing with a lovely mountain dog, being a kid yourself. I walk away from the rooftop, and I come downstairs looking for you, there you are, my sweet delight for the eyes.

I look at you and my heart smiles seeing you. I want to scream on the top of my voice, that I love you, my heart is beating faster than ever and we leave together for the hills amidst the rain. I see the beautiful drenched roads, the water droplets settling on the car windows and I look at you, your fresh morning face, oh how I want to dance with you in these rains. You and I, closer, feeling the warmth of your breath, your hands around me, and I am all in my head when we buy raincoats for us. So that we may go up without being worried about the rain. My rainy dreams come shattering down.

I look at you, still in my head, in your embrace, close to you. As we leave the songs hit differently and each beautiful word, makes me want to love you like crazy, I feel every beat, every little feeling straight in my heart for you, and for the very first time, I can relate to everything the music makes me feel. It all has been a whirlwind, good food, good music, good views, lovely weather, and gorgeous you. What more shall I need to be this intoxicated, as we drive and move up the hills I visualize some spectacular views, clouds hiding in the mountains, city in its lap, the shadows of the sun playing hide and seek, blue sky, shimmering rains and in the hours of journey passing by, I find every weather in that short span of time, summery feels, the foggy cloudy misty dream, the showering rains, the evening bliss and I wonder, why do I find things extra beautiful with you, how do you have access to this magic, that I have never seen.

We stop by and we click pictures, these exquisite views are too good to let them go. We walk nearby and I walk with you, to a concrete stone area, looking down at an unbuilt house, people working together. I stand with you, talking to you about the houses on the hills, smiling and adding you the views in my head, looking at your eyes, your hands, your lips moving, your feet walking around and we walk out after a few moments, and you as always being chivalrous, let me lead the way. We sit on the pavement and we are now in the frame.

How happy I am to have found a permanent face to be in all my pictures from now on. I lean towards you and we laugh, we share smiles together, and I laugh at the poses you make, you wrap my scarf around your neck, you look so cool. Oh, I wish I can wrap you around me and keep you wrapped in my arms.

I look at those pictures, how happy I seem, how glad we both look together, how perfect we are with each other. I just wish we stay this in love, and no one can ever cast an evil eye on us. Is it too much to ask? I take the scarf from you and it now seems heavenly, does it has your soul touch, I warmly wear it again, feeling you on me.

We travel towards the hills and I pretend to look everywhere and all I look at is you, your gorgeous sweet face. We pass a toll on the road, and you are maskless, how careless, you reach out for yours and you can’t find it, I give you mine and I cover myself with the scarf, we resume the journey after and you return it back, so have we kissed, I think, your lips on mine, I just think about it and I smile coyly, I dismiss the thought to stop blushing with the immense desire to touch your lips with mine.

Immersing in from the clouds we finally reach the beautiful mall road, the heavenly abode, I feel so good, the foggy serene atmosphere takes my heart away. I walk with you yet again, and I see people holding hands, in love walking around everywhere, and for the first time I do not feel lonely, I have you with me. I have long waited for you and you are exactly or even more damn than I thought you would be, someone who would openly, honestly love me for who I am, who would never fear of loving me, who would wear the heart on the sleeves, who would come get me, who would sweep me off my feet and who everyone is envious of. I want to show you to the world. I smile seeing you and I am fulfilled.

We trek up the hill, to look for the higher mountains, roaming through the lanes, the circular serpentine roads, leading to the highest point of the hill. I walk behind you, you behind me, and the fascinating trail keeps going, the adventure unbeatable looking at the clouds passing by, the scenic beauty carved by these lovely mountains, little flowers, and you.

We reach upstairs onto the open, and I am thinking about the little violet flower in your wallet, I am elated, I wish I could have more openly confessed my love for you, We look around and we walk together like we would walk for the rest of our lives, with each other, on the bumpy roads and the smooth ones, on the high and on the low. I don’t know why I feel magical walking around there with you, looking at the gun hill. I shoot some silly questions at you and you never find me silly or stupid, everything is bizarre white and I keep a white flower at the stone nearby, praying for our love, for our togetherness to never end.

I am enjoying this peaceful second alone with you, you are walking with me giving nothing away, I would like to feel that you too were in love at that instant. I walk and I move towards the thin lane, trying to look at the snow-clad mountains, you come along, and somehow, in the moments after, trying to save the memories from the trips we made, that moment was engraved as the happiest in my memories, the fridge magnet, the small souvenir that we would collect from all of them, for years later to treasure. I feel so happy, unable to find the reason for the inexplicable emotion that I feel. Maybe it was love? Maybe it was you in every milestone later in my life? What was it?

I am trying to figure this out and I have never been this happy in a long while. We walk back, and you pick one of us to tag on your back on your walk, and I can’t help it but excruciatingly laugh, oh how sweet, I am floored, and I can’t pretend anymore, I love all these little things about you, I don’t know why, they make me want to hold you and tell you, I love the way you are.

You make me feel like a kid again, we wander in the streets and all I care about is how to hold your attention, how do I show you, tell you here that I love you, this time won’t come back and I need to do something so that this remains in our memory forever. I look at the little violet flowers and all my misery goes away. May they remind you each day about every second that I have been loving you ever since I found you.

We hop back on and I wear my sunglasses, cause you my darling are so bright, I look at you and you won’t even know. , and going through those long long woods and trees, I am reminded of a good poet William Henry Davis

“What is this life full of care, we have no time to stand and stare” and I wish the time to stop so that I don’t have to hide behind these glasses, to look at your pretty face, to look at you for as long as I want and do nothing and to just stand and stare at your gorgeous eyes, your beautiful lips, and my world would then be complete.

Author: Onesha

She is the funny one! Has flair for drama, loves to write when happy! You might hate her first story, but maybe you’ll like the next. She is the master of words, but believes actions speak louder than words. 1sha Rastogi, founder of

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