The Middle

What if we could rewrite a few things in our life, what would you like to do then? Would you ask out the person you liked? Would you chase that dream, would you start doing things differently, would you start living in the moment from next time onwards, would you learn the lesson and every time you took a decision, would you think about this question, Am I making the choice that I would NOT like to rewrite a few years down the line, or may be the very next day?

Happens to everyone, all the time, only if I could do that, only if I had thought that or said that, only if I knew, only if I was strong enough, only if I had the courage, only if I had the resources and only if I had the time. This only if list becomes endless and life becomes full of regrets, not being able to do what we dearly wanted.

Grab a pen or a paper, or forget it, don’t even grab anything, just think about the time that you regret, that you think I should have gone to that gig, I should not have canceled on that plan, I should have a fought a little harder, done a little better. Or maybe smaller moments, I should not have run away. Maybe if I did that, may be not, who knows.

We wish we could see a parallel reality when we make a decision and we can’t think about, whether it was right or not, but this world is cruel, it teaches only the lessons, for you to behave the next time. So today I am going to rewrite a mundane moment of my life, and you should too. It will tell you about how to let go of your insecurities, about your fears, about your doubts and live in the moment, without thinking about, what would the world think, what would everyone say, and listen only to your heart because at the end of the day it is only you and your happiness that matters.

It’s Okay to do things that are out of your values if they liberate you if they make you a person that doesn’t fall into the category of YOLO(You only live once.) You have to be restless. You have to live each day, conquering your fear, you hesitation, and live to your fullest, cause life never comes back, time never returns.

Love is no different when it comes to taking initiative and we all are looking for love in this world, one way or the other, we wish to rewrite so many moments. I hope you love without limitations the next time you find that person worth holding on to.

We keep waiting for the right time, the right moment, the perfect place and the perfect reason to do things, but truth is there is none of it. We wait for other people to push us forward, to pull into the things we are afraid of doing. We confess and time is already gone.

How I wish, you would have told me to stay when I was going, how I now regret why did I hide when I saw you, when the only thing I wanted to do here was to sit with you and talk about life, about us, hold your hand, maybe listen to your heartbeats, may be held you a little closer, maybe tried to look, how you were so peaceful when you sat with me and the only thing you ever wanted was to sit with me and be a little less tired of the world. I am sorry I could not be the person I should have been that night.

I would not let another moment waste and disappear into the time gone by. I am going to live each moment with you without being scared, without regrets, and without limitations.

What love story or moment you want to rewrite in your life? Is it the beginning, the middle or the end?

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Author: Onesha

She is the funny one! Has flair for drama, loves to write when happy! You might hate her first story, but maybe you’ll like the next. She is the master of words, but believes actions speak louder than words. 1sha Rastogi, founder of

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