The Beginning

I have been eagerly waiting for you, to see you. Waiting seems prolonged and longing for you is keeping me high these days. I am looking at my door, you might show up at any moment. I see you coming and I rush down the flight of stairs to look at you. You are looking gorgeous, you chose my favorite shirt to wear.

I look into your eyes they are lit up. It has been days since I saw you. I wish to hold you, hug you close to tell you how much I have missed you, but the happiness of seeing you takes all of it away.

Our time begins to one of the most beautiful beginnings of us. How it happens sometimes the only way to be able to do something impossible is only with the truth. How the revelation of my heart made me do something I thought could not even see the light of the day. I wanted to see the happiness on your face, we finally are able to do something together, but something is amiss, what is it?

I so wish I could read your mind, your eyes. What is it that you are feeling right now? You take me along to the roads and the windy breeze makes me wonder, what a beautiful moment together, and it begins to rain. I have never loved rains so much before I met you. I smile thinking about the day and I look at you again. You look peaceful, calm, poised, ready to deal with this harsh world with all your might.

I wonder how this world is making you an admirable human being, you seem distressed, but your face doesn’t show it all. Or you are not so pleasant after all. You tell me, I am crazy, to love you like that, truth is I don’t know how to love, it happens, without me knowing.

I look outside the sumptuous views, the rain pouring, the clouds over the mountains, the water droplets making the plantations greener, I see this pretty red train passing, the horses grazing at the green pastures, the river flowing with their sway, and the sky filled with splendid rain. I look at you and my world seems complete, with you by my side. You put your heart and soul into whatever you do, you live in the moment and unlike me, you do not think too much. I really wish I could forget everything about this world and just be with you, without any boundaries, without any misery and limits.

I wonder what will follow next, what is the next destination of our love, what happens when things begin when things occur? I walk with you towards the unknown, over the river on the magnificent drawbridge, feeling the strong winds, looking around at the pathways, the stunning mountains.

I stand with you, unable to look at you, how would I, with all the love in my heart ever be able to say, no wonder how crazy I may seem, how blinded I am by you, all of me loves all of you and it is never going to end, until the day I die, I love you, though I hide, though I show contrarily, I do, I really do, I know it’s hard to believe, I do, I will always love you.

I walk with you towards our exquisite stay and I wish to stay with you forever, keeping you close, in my arms for all the night, and be the first one every morning when you wake up, sleeping in my embrace. I look around and every corner makes me want to love you, it’s a cozy stay just like you, you smile sometimes, you laugh, your eyes are so beautiful, I look at them and I feel so lost.

We find a floor cushion corner to sit at the cute little bakery and I look at you sitting snugly, how I wished, you to lie down and sleep in my lap instead. We are eating, relishing all the desserts I have in my bowl. You indulge and You lovingly have them all spilling a little chocolate at the corner of your mouth, and I find you irresistible.

The night befalls and I am walking near the riverside with you, eating with you out in the open. I look at you under the beautiful night sky and the weather is so cold. I look at you, you look comfortable and a bit charming, a little desirable in your casual carefree mood. The sharp winds are making me freezing, I walk a little forward and you grab my arm with your warm hands and I am feeling your sensuous touch over me. I take a deep breath and you look at me, I look away. I can’t forget that moment, how I wanted to stay that way, close to you, to feel a little warmer.

We walk back and the dog walks up to you, he looks cute and you start caressing him, loving him, like your own. I am looking at you playing with him, and I fall for you a little more. I see you the happiest playing with him. He holds your hand and you rejoice in joy. I laugh at your innocence and how you find me crazy to be in love with you but you love the same, to these little engaging creatures who can’t speak.

It’s almost midnight and time to go. It’s hard to say goodbye, to leave you to play with your new friend, I leave with your face in my eyes, making way from the shelters, from under the radiant trail lights, covered with beautiful leaves, with your cheeriness, audible from a distant apart. I wish to dance with you, maybe kiss you under these lights, snuggle with you under the blanket near the bonfire, maybe talk like that couple sitting on the swing, caress you like you loved your dog. Maybe someday, you would let me love you, the way I want to, and you won’t find me crazed.

Good Night.

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Author: Onesha

She is the funny one! Has flair for drama, loves to write when happy! You might hate her first story, but maybe you’ll like the next. She is the master of words, but believes actions speak louder than words. 1sha Rastogi, founder of

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