I want to keep telling you every moment how much I love you, and I keep searching for new ways each day to show you the love I have for you in my heart. This feeling has grown manifold in this past year, and I wish to keep writing love letters, keep wishing you in all forms of sweet, lovey-dovey ways, keep listening to your voice, keep remembering your gorgeous face, with your beautiful eyes, that doesn’t miss any single glimpse of anything around.

I look for words, for poetry, for proses, for stories to send you, to comfort you, to assure you, to let you know how much do I think about you before my day starts, when my day is going on, just imagining, what you would be doing, and before I am off to sleep, dreaming about you. I am falling short of ways to tell you every single day, you are my favorite person, I am so fond of you and I love you so dearly.

I wanted to tell you, I always imagine the afterlife with every person in my existence, but with you, I never imagined what good days would be like, what happiness would be like because you always promised me relief on those extra overworked days, you would always comfort me when I was overthinking and you always held my hand through all these exigencies.

When you make the bad days so great, I wonder what great days would be like and I am on a whirlwind of emotions, love for you. I look at the two people in love, kissing each other and all I can think about is, what passion would we ignite when we would finally be with each other. I wish to ask for your forgiveness, I have been too much involved with my own and failed to see beyond, what your heart holds, and when I actually swim in your love, I see such a pure soul, such delight, I wish may you always stay happy, blissful and that I can relieve you of this tiredness of the world, this unsettling noise that you have been dealing with, I wish to be there for you, just like you are with me.

I am dwelling upon your little innocents’ acts, of love, of such untouched purity, I wish may it never end, I know I have not been quite easy, but I love you in all the forms I know possible. I wish to send you mundane love texts every night before I sleep, and I change my mind, cause not a single moment passes by when I wish to tell you that, you are my love, I want to love you, every bit of you, I want to drive you to the cliff where you jump off and fall into my arms, full of love. Not a single sentence I type has the ability to tell you or make you realize how this love has grown multifold, and how I try to contain it, so that you may not drown in this vast ocean of feelings I am feeling for you right now.

You ask me to sleep, peacefully, but darling how do I when all I think about is you and your voice, your calm soothing voice, I wish to hold the phone for hours in my hand, how I love you laughing, you chirping, you indulging in your stories of the day and all I want is to sit and watch you, for hours relentlessly, until you fall asleep in my arms, and listen to your slow breathing while you dream, caress your eyes, your gorgeous eyelashes, your cheeks, and just when you smile in the dream, kiss you over your forehead, holding you close to me.

Rubbing your soft ears, caressing your neck, looking at you and I fall more in love with these little things of you, I love you so much, and I love the way you never show me, how much do you survive in this vast world. I wonder if my words can go beyond, how damn gorgeous you look, to wonderful I find these subtle little gestures of yours, you, your brilliant mind, your ability to laugh, to value the sentiments of everything, and find out the best of all to give me the best.

I never wish to hold you back from doing everything that you love, I would never ever want to be that person to take you away from you, cause that’s who I have fallen in love with. I do not deserve your love sweetheart, cause I know you love me dearly and I am here, just trying to be half as perfect as you. I look through your eyes your visions of love and I am amazed at your dreams, you being in this essence of this emotion, I find my love weak in front of yours, I wish to unfold every little intricacy of your heart, of your mind, of your life, and make it a beautiful one, a lovely one, a saga you always wanted to live, something that is inexplicable beyond words, which can’t be expressed with these alphabets, but only is felt with our presence.

And as we embark on this journey for finding each other through the love of our hearts, I wish to tell you, I will do anything possible in my power for you, and for everyone that you hold dear, I promise to be the one, you always can look forward to, I will always be your shoulder in distress, your passion in best, your illusion in the rest. I know my words don’t make sense, but they will when you experience this joy of abundance of love, affection, care, and all of that my heart feels for you, that I am unable to contain here. Cause I am exploding and this joy, this admiration can not only make this universe small and smaller, but could make you the star of the night, and the only passion in my life remains is to love you like eternity exists in this entire universe, and while I have chosen some difficult things along the way, loving you was the simplest, and loving you has been my purpose, my destiny, and my liberation.

Thank you for coming into my life, I love you so much, celebrating this day as I look back on a year of us.

Author: Onesha

She is the funny one! Has flair for drama, loves to write when happy! You might hate her first story, but maybe you’ll like the next. She is the master of words, but believes actions speak louder than words. 1sha Rastogi, founder of 1shablog.com.

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