I am doing the dishes in the sink and the same old monotonous routine of every night is a no-brainer. I think about random things happening to me in the course of the day after dinner. Office meetings, more office deadlines and no Thank God it’s Friday anymore. I have lost touch with almost every person I know and I am a tad bit lonely but who cares.

Songs playing mashup in my head, and I am grooving to them. There is a concoction of all the latest musical number beats and lyrics mismatched. I wonder if a robot could delve into my head I would be the highest-grossing DJ of the year.

Soap, more soap, water, and dishes clink. Suddenly a fresh whiff of air enters the kitchen through the window. I look outside and the plants are feeling the breeze, leaves juggling to joy.

The night sky is clear, and stars shine, I keep doing the dishes, admiring the beautiful window view. My eyes traveling down from the stars to the house under maintenance in front of mine across the street. My eyes moving between the running tap water and towards the window.

I see some orange hues on the rooftop of the half-built house. The night is chilled and the rooftop is ablaze with a bonfire. I keep doing the dishes and look out at the sporadic fire shadows on the wall, they shift with the wind, bright yellow, orange, and red, turning on like rage and glowing softly on the wall.

Music mashup in my head has stopped and dishes are almost done, I wipe my hands dry and go out to my kitchen balcony to see the fire playing with the night wind and reflecting on the walls.

I see someone, a girl. She is sitting, hardly visible in the windy fire. She looks gorgeous. I look at her from across, she is probably smiling. Her open hair playing with the wind.

She is looking at the flames and I am lost looking at her. I wonder if she is the new neighbor who shall be living in this house. I have never seen her here before. She is holding a mug and drinking, beer, coffee, tea. She looks like a tea person to me. She takes a sip holding the mug and her eyes turn towards me.

I shift uncomfortably and pretend to look up at the stars instead, I start walking and search for the mobile phone in the pocket, running my fingers through the hair. I am wearing a grey T-shirt and black joggers.

I wonder if she can see me in darkness. Has she seen me staring at her? I keep walking and I steal a glance at her rooftop. She is intently looking at me. I gulp some air and I stand holding the handrail. I look at her. She is looking at the starry sky. Her chin and eyes fixated on the crescent moon. Her eardrop earrings and open hair, her shoulders covered with the black flower printed scarf.

Your rooftop is higher than the houses nearby. I wonder how beautiful everything must be over there. A view with you, in this glowy fire, night diamonds, and something to admire. I would forget to look at these stars and would be lost in you.

I am thinking about your pretty face and our eyes meet. You keep looking at me and look elsewhere occasionally. I do not look around, I keep staring at your rooftop. You tuck your hair behind the ear and lean on it resting both your hands on the rooftop bar.

You wave at me. I wave you back. You look down below the street, and you look back at the fire gleaming and you show me the hand gesture to come over. I reply to you back with my hand gesture, pointing a finger towards my grey t-shirt and then to you, signifying

“Shall I come over? Are you asking me to come over there?” seriously, acting surprised.

All I can think about is be there on that rooftop and kiss your audacious mouth for letting me out of my misery of this loneliness on a Friday night.

I make another gesture, to give me 2 minutes. She concedes.

I go inside and put on the lucky guy perfume. I look at the mirror and I carry a wine bottle along. I cross the street and I enter the logwood of the door, still under construction, walk up to you on your rooftop on those half-done stairs, through a lot of darkness. I manage to finally climb three flights of stairs and I see fire alight. You are still at the same place. I stand beside you, and we look in the same direction.

I gasped looking at the beautiful moon and clouds around, moonlit sky, and the whole city visible, sleeping and hugging the lights with colors. My kitchen light glares at me, the sink clearly visible beneath the plants.

She must have seen me doing the dishes, taking out the wine bottle! even more… cooking the food, everything else!

Your fragrance travels up my breath with the soft whiff of the wind and your hair flutter in the wind. I look at you. Your hair covers your face a little, I can’t see the beautiful eyes, my view tonight. I keep the bottle on the rooftop and turn towards you, you look at the wine bottle and you are about to say something.

My hand goes up to your face and I remove the hair from your face and you utter

“Hi!” that melodious sweet voice.

“Hey” I respond keeping my hand near your ear holding your face in my hand, you smile coyly and you love my touch. I smile back at you and intently looking at you I speak

“Beautiful view” you look at me and you look around and then suddenly realizing it’s me calling your face a view, you nod your head in amazement and you touch my hand and hold it removing it from your face in the close vicinity of your arms.

I wrap my hands around your back and pull you close, your eyes do not meet mine and you are looking at the held hand, I grasp your hand firmly and you look up at me, your lips close to mine and I feel you breathing on my face. I pull you close and your lips brush against me, I kiss them.

You kiss me back and your tea mug falls off, you hold me around the neck and we are kissing each other. I feel your lips, your heartbeats rushing and you moan softly.

I look at you as soon as you part your lips and remove your hair from your face, your eyes are closed and I kiss them both and you open them up. You look at me holding both my hands as if you don’t want me to stop. I pull you close in my embrace and I hug you, you hug me back tighter and you listen to my heartbeats, what have you, your little sight has done to me.

I come to my senses and realize I have been staring at you for too long and kissed you in my thoughts standing at my own kitchen balcony. You are still there and the fire is there no more. I touch my lips and all of this has been a beautiful moment.

I go back inside and lie down on my couch, turning the TV channels, and suddenly the doorbell rings. I look at the watch guessing who might be at this odd hour here and I open the door.

I find you standing with the wine bottle in your hand. I look at you and your smile.

Song playing on TV

Author: Onesha

She is the funny one! Has flair for drama, loves to write when happy! You might hate her first story, but maybe you’ll like the next. She is the master of words, but believes actions speak louder than words. 1sha Rastogi, founder of

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    1. Thank you so much. You just made my Sunday morning fabulous. Always a pleasure to read your beautiful words. Your words are treasure. I am glad you liked the song. I have been listening to Different language songs these days. Lyrics are heaven for the ears.

      1. ❤ I am really glad, likewise reading your post was a fantastic start to my day thank you very much. Aww…, those words mean a lot to me. That’s awesome and I could not agree more. I am absolutely certain you have a fantastic taste in music too!

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